Report: Carlos Beltran May Have Contracted Swine Flu

Jon AlbaCorrespondent IJune 3, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 19:  Carlos Beltran #15 of the New York Mets slides across home plate to score in the third inning against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on May 19, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. The Dodgers defeated the Mets 5-3.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

In what may end up becoming one of the biggest news stories of 2009, there are unconfirmed reports that Mets OF Carlos Beltran may have come down with a case of H1N1 Influenza A. More commonly—Swine Flu.

An SNY (the Mets flagship station) employee who was on the team plane this past Sunday says Beltran, as well as pitcher John Maine, suddenly fell seriously ill during the flight.  It was later revealed that the reporter had been experiencing some flu-like symptoms also, and he was immediately sent home from his assignment.  His test results will be known by the end of the week.

Over the past two days, the two players have apparently become increasingly sick.  It was reported by MLB.com earlier today that Maine and Beltran were under constant watch by organization staff, and there was little reason to believe it was the flu.  Assistant general manager John Riccio went as far as saying it was most likely a stomach ailment, versus the actual flu.

However, the hours have gone on, and Fox 5 NY is reporting otherwise.  While Maine is beginning to feel better, the case is strongly different for Carlos.  The Fox station had reported that it was possible that the Mets outfielder had contracted Swine Flu.  Later on in the night, the station would change their claim, stating it appeared to be more of a "gastrointestinal virus".

It is unknown at this time how the potential diagnosis will affect his status for the season.

Once again, these are unconfirmed reports, and it can be assured there will be more to come as more is revealed.  The initial report is out of Fox 5 NY, as it serves as the primary information for this article.

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UPDATE**10:57 PM EST-As mentioned earlier, the initial reports and primary source of this article are out of Fox 5 NY.  SFC and myself are still awaiting confirmation on the issue, but do not expect it anytime soon.  Please stay posted.

UPDATE**11:03 PM EST-While SFC is currently one of a few sources reporting the story, we stand by it until it is denied.  Fox 5 NY as mentioned prior, is still our primary backing.  At no point are we liable for false report.  Please stay posted.

UPDATE**11:11 PM EST-SFC recently fell upon this report written earlier today.  It can be found at http://bleacherreport.com/articles/190965-sny-employee-may-have-exposed-mets-to-swine-flu.  While this does not report Carlos has it, it does point to the possibility.  Please stay posted.

UPDATE**11:34 PM EST-Fox News is now claiming that it is more likely to be a "gastrointestinal virus".  This will be it as far as updates for tonight, as I as well as all of the sports community hope that it is no more than this.


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