New York Mets Catching the Mal Occhio [Evil Eye]

danny perezContributor IJune 2, 2009

The daily cruel game of ‘let’s see who gets hurt today on the Mets’ continues, with Pagan landing on the DL yesterday. Enough is enough. This seems as some type of sick joke, or worse.

This is beyond random injuries, beyond bad luck, and beyond ‘the way the ball rolls’ theory. Here in America, we’d most likely call this constant rash of injuries one of the above. But we need to look further, beyond what you would normally just point out as bad luck or misfortune.

When you look at what has happened with this team as far as injuries and other mysterious things, we have to look further than what it seems on the outside.

Besides the huge injuries to Delgado and others, there have been some freak unexplainable things happen such as Sheffield’s virus on the west coast trip; Beltran gets hobbled then gets a stomach virus.

Jose tweaks a leg, his replacement (Cora) goes down shortly after. The team is close to the top in hitting, but can’t drive them in for the life of me.

How can you explain the twilight zone in left field? And we’re not only talking about Murphy’s gaffs. A few others including Sheffield have done funny things out there.

This can not solely be attributed to chance, there has to be something else at play here. This may be about a higher power raining upon this team through the dark side. This may be the negative ill affects that derive from envious, jealous, and/or covetous forces.

This may be what many Europeans and South Americans easily identify as the Mal Occhio (Italian) or Mal Ojo (Spanish). English translation: The Evil Eye.

This is not a fluke tooth fairy type of thing. This is something that dates back before the Ancient Egyptians, and is still strongly believed by Mediterranean and Central/ South American cultures.

The belief is that someone, not ordinarily malific in any way, can harm you, your children, or in this case, the Mets, by viewing them with envy and praising them at the same time. It’s equivalent to telling someone they look great when in your mind your saying ‘you look like shit’

Have no fear, there are cures, tons of them. Growing up, I used to think my mother was insane, constantly talking about people giving me and my bros the ‘evil eye’, but now I fully understand what this was all about.

Frankly, it’s a striking resemblance to this oddity going on with the injurious Mets.

So growing up, when all the envious mothers gave me or my mother the evil eye because I was better looking than their kids, my mother acted swiftly to counteract their evilness with a smile. My mother used the Italian method for curing, but she had her own twist to it.

In Italy, diagnosis is made by dripping olive oil into a basin of water, a drop at a time, while reciting secret prayers, passed only among females in a family. If the drops run together in the form of an eye, The Evil Eye is the cause of the illness. The cure consists of reciting prayers while dripping oil into the basin of water again and again—sometimes for hours—until a perfect array of oil forms that does not resemble an eye.

If you haven’t noticed, many people walk around with an ‘eye’ charm on a necklace or bracelet or other, as a preventive method. This is specifically to combat any possible Mal Occhio that may come your way through the course of the day.

With the Mets, you have to wonder where this is coming from. I have a feeling those cronies in Philadelphia are sending their witchcraft nasty looks towards Citi Field, or could be these damn Yankee fans not wanting the Mets to steal their thunder. Regardless, we need to look beyond the scope of just bad luck as the trigger to our ailing loved ones.

I will go home tonight, get the water and olive oil out, and beg mom to cure this team from these evils.

Despite watching a motley crew of guys recently for the Mets, some familiar faces are on the way back. Jose Reyes is hitting again on St Lucie and can come off DL on Friday. Ryan Church is coming off the DL on Sunday. Beltran’s stomach virus seems to be subsiding and should be on the field soon.

Oliver Perez, we can forget that one, my mother can’t fix him. That’s a totally different stratosphere of help needed on that one.

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