Crowd of Shoppers Literally Broke Doors to Get Air Jordan Sneaker Vouchers

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 16, 2013

They are shoes. They go on your feet. However, slap a Michael Jordan logo on them and charge a bundle and people will apparently break doors off their hinges at the chance to land a pair. 

WBNS-10TV (h/t UPROXX) reports shoppers at Eastland Mall in Columbus, Ohio were so anxious to grab a voucher for the upcoming Nike Air Jordan sneakers that they managed to unhinge one of the doors in the melee. 

The report states that the peculiar sight happened this past Sunday. What's more surprising is the shoppers walked away relatively empty-handed. 

"Employees at Champs Sports were handing out vouchers for the new Air Jordans. They cost $170 and shoppers will have to come back to pick them up next week."

In a funny turn, the bevy of eager customers basically hurried through the door to grab elusive vouchers that will require them to return to the store in a week. 

Thankfully, the only thing harmed was a door's ability to swing open. The report states that police were called to the location, but nobody was hurt in what looked like a scary situation. 

The Detroit Free Press reported back in December of 2011 that a similar Air Jordan release led to a man being arrested for inciting a riot outside the Southland Mall in Taylor, Mich. 

In the same month, Troy Patch's Jen Anesi wrote that at least one shopper was injured when the same shoes were released at the Oakland Mall (Troy, Mich.).

So it's fortunate that the only thing of any import is that a door was ripped from its hinge. However, this should remind us all to take a step back and ponder whether those snazzy new sneakers are really worth trampling over people. 

And this concludes our reminder that shopping malls are pretty much the worst place to be at this time of the year.

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