John Cena vs. Randy Orton Results: Highlights, Recap from TLC

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistDecember 16, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Sunday night, World Wrestling Entertainment unified its two heavyweight championships since December of 2001 when John Cena took on Randy Orton in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match in the main event of the TLC pay-per-view.

After last Monday night's Raw, there were a number of questions as to whom The Authority had pledged their allegiance. The last image both Orton and the WWE Universe saw was Cena standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Triple H, Kane and Stephanie McMahon.

Would the seemingly mythological Cena heel turn finally come to fruition? Was the perceived dissension between Orton and The Authority merely a ruse to disguise their true intentions?

Who would leave the Toyota Center in Houston with the WWE and World Heavyweight titles in their possession, thus forever etching their names in the history books?

Here is a look back at the historic main event from Sunday night at TLC.

Photo Credit: WWE.com
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The Match

The TLC main event was a bout full of broken tables, more broken tables and handcuffs.

Yes, handcuffs.

Cena and Orton utilized the tables, ladders and chairs surrounding the squared circle. Orton, on several occasions, was put through two tables including the Spanish announce one.

In a spot synonymous with TLC matches, Cena found himself hanging from the ring holding the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. The Viper capitalized on the opportunity and used a chair to bring Cena down to the mat, then laid into him with the weapon.

Late in the match, Orton produced a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Cena to the bottom rope in a spot eerily reminiscent of one included in the CM Punk-Miz-Del Rio match from two years ago. Cena fought free, climbed to the top of the ladder to fight off Orton but, unfortunately for him, was pulled off the ladder by the bottom rope, landing face-first into a table.

Orton retrieved the title, making him the first unified champion since Chris Jericho 12 years ago.

Photo Credit: Stephanie McMahon's Official Twitter Account


Orton falling from the top of a ladder inside the squared circle, over the top rope and through a table at ringside, only to recover seconds later and deliver a RKO to Cena was a highlight due solely to its absurdity.

Outside the squared circle, Orton set Cena up for the running punt to the head but Cena rolled out of the way and delivered the Attitude Adjustment on the third-generation Superstar through the Spanish announce table.


An underwhelming match on a night full of them.

Cena and Orton tried to implement the crowd-pleasing spots that have been such a major part of Tables, Ladders & Chairs matches in the past but more often than not, those spots came across as clunky or ill-timed.

Too many times it felt as though there was a decided lack of story and, instead, the competitors delivered a specific spot for no real reason at all. Or, worse, because it was expected.

The final spot, which was to see Orton pull Cena off the ladder by the rope attached to the handcuffs and through a table, was blown when Cena smashed face-first into the table and the lack of improvising to create a more memorable finish really hurt the entire bout.

Orton taking so much time to grab the belts proved anticlimactic and failed to be the historic moment announcer Michael Cole so hyped it as being.

The match was safer than others, which may have ensured the health of two of the company's most important performers but also made for one of the worst matches in the storied history of the popular gimmick match.


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