Mike Brown: Far From Coach of the Year

Tom DeRiggiContributor IIMay 27, 2009

ORLANDO, FL - MAY 26:  Mike Brown, Head Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, communicates with the team during the game against the Orlando Magic in Game Four of the Eastern Conference Finals during the 2009 NBA Playoffs at the Amway Arena on May 26, 2009 in Orlando, Florida. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

If you haven't noticed, I'm on a blistering pace with my writings this week. There is just so much going on. After I finish one article, something crazy will happen the next night and then I'm forced to come on here and grace you all with my literary wizardry.

If anyone has payed as much attention as I have to this series (you probably haven't, it's OK), then you might have noticed the horrendous coaching job done by Mike Brown in this series. I can not believe that the league elected him as coach of the year when he is getting out-coached by a man who has been deemed a, "Master of Panic."

This of course would be Mr. Stan Van Gundy. I'm actually getting aggravated of hearing people say how bad of a coach SVG is because quite honestly, he's out-coaching everyone in the playoffs right now.

All this man has done has got his team up 3-1 on the Cleveland Lebrons. Take last night for example. The last play in regulation, before SVG called that brilliant timeout, they had a play designed for Hedo Turkoglu to get the ball back off of the inbound. And here is the difference between these two coaches.

SVG saw that Ben Wallace was guarding Rashard Lewis. Ben Wallace couldn't guard me right now, let alone 6'10" Rashard Lewis. So what does SVG do. He calls a timeout and changes the play for Rashard Lewis. Then what happens next? Go-Ahead three-point bucket by 'Shard.

Let's look at it from Mike Brown's perspective. You try to sneak Ben Wallace on Lewis because you know that Turkoglu is getting the final shot. So you see the SVG timeout and don't you think that he might have seen that? No. Of course not. Stubborn Mike Brown decides that he KNOWS Hedo is getting the ball so he doesn't adjust, and then we all know what happens.

My point is, Mike Brown doesn't even deserve to be in the top 5 for coaches of the year...Let alone the actual Coach of the Year. He makes no adjustments. He motivates NO ONE. Next time you watch a timeout in the fourth quarter, look for Mike Brown. He is walking around not talking to his team. Meanwhile, SVG is pumping his guys up, slapping rear-ends (he might like that), and motivating his players.

My buddy Showtime (fellow writer who hasn't posted in forever) and I had a conversation right before the final shot. He says, "Umm How the hell is Mike Brown the coach of the year, He doesn't do anything on the sidelines." And he couldn't be more right. Next I get a text message from my boy Fitz saying, "I think your coach of the year is actually a horrible coach."

So it's not just me witnessing this. He's coach of the year because he fell ass-backwards into the greatest player of this generation, and could potentially be the greatest of all time.

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I'll tell you one thing: If Mike Brown doesn't get his act together, he's going to lose Lebron in 2010, and then he'll lose his job. If LeBron doesn't win the championship this year, I fully expect him to send a Text to Dywane Wade and say:

"Look man, they got horrible coaches, horrible role players, and I can't play here anymore. You wanna just go to New York and win the next 10 championships?"

Wade to Lebron: "Hey man that sounds great, let's go play for Mike D'Antoni who we played for in the Olympics and just dominate the league for the next 10 years, See You in NY"

Don't think it can happen? Well think again. And you can all thank Mr. Mike Brown for it.


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