The Sean Avery Rule

TJ FergusonCorrespondent IApril 15, 2008

Really NHL?

I thought the dance Sean Avery did in front of Martin Brodeur was hilarious. I personally think more players should do it. You just have to allow the defense to push them out of the way.

How entertaining is it to watch a Hall of Fame goaltender get angry? It is wicked entertaining.

All this new rule does is delay the inevitable. Pretty soon Avery is going to get into a fight with a goalie, and it will be awesome.

Whether it's a young goalie who doesn't know what kind of trouble he is about to get into or an experienced veteran who gets so angry he just doesn't care, it is going to happen.

Right now, Avery is Brodeur's least favorite person on the planet. It is only going to be a matter of time before Brodeur flips out and jumps him. For Marty's sake, I hope the Rangers end this series in five games because he might die if he fights Sean Avery.

Why are Devils fans so angry at the distraction? I guess they just feel cheated because they don't have a player with Avery's skill and ability to aggravate.

I'll admit it: If Avery wasn't a Ranger, I would probably hate him too. Not because he is in the league only to get under the opponent's skin, but because he is an agitator who will go after anyone, and he possesses plenty of skill.

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Avery has a series high three goals right now and is also in the top 10 in goals and points in the entire playoffs. I don't think any other Ranger or Devil can say that.

Devils fans, stop calling Sean Avery a Ken Doll, a b****, or not a team player. Sure, Avery is in magazines and dates (or at least goes to bed with) more than his fair share of hot celebrities, but he is not made of plastic. He is still a good hockey player.

He is also not a b****. That is what agitators do, they try to find ways to get under their opponents' skin and into their heads.

To those who say he is not a team player, are you serious? He wouldn't be around if he wasn't a team player. He doesn't put up enough points to only be able to think about himself.

Avery is all about the Rangers...and his paycheck. He does want more money, but he deserves it. He is one of the first guys to drop his gloves or throw a big check when the Rangers' butts are dragging to try and get something going.

Sure he is underpaid, and rightfully so should argue for more money, but when guys around the league are being paid more to do less, I agree with him. However, with the Rangers payroll where it is, I wouldn't jump ship if I were him. I would stick around and play for mediocre money and a good chance at winning the Stanley Cup.


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