After Previous Success, Josep Maria Minguella Is Looking for His Next Big Star

James Kent@jimlk2007Contributor IIISeptember 15, 2013

After Previous Success, Josep Maria Minguella Is Looking for His Next Big Star

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    Josep Maria Minguella is one of the most famous football agents in world football and has played a major role in so many football greats. But he isn’t done yet and aims to identify his next big star via the Minguella Challenge on Fieldoo.

    The competition is for promising players between now and November 1 and there is the possibility of a trial with a La Liga or second division Spanish club. This is something that could well lead to a professional contract and perhaps the next big star found by unorthodox means.

    The trials will take place between December 15 and 30. I want to use this slideshow to showcase some of Mingella’s finest successes and share an amusing story on Lionel Messi, so please read on.


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    Rivaldo is certainly one of the more famous Brazilian stars from modern times. In fact, he is still an active player even at the age of 41 with Sao Caetano in his home country.

    Minguella can certainly feel proud by the fact that he represented the very talented attacking midfielder. Rivaldo has had a long career representing a lot of different teams, but was perhaps best known for playing for Barcelona. He ended up representing the Spanish giants for over 150 league games and played over 70 times for Brazil, for whom he was also a regular scorer of goals.

Pep Guardiola

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    Pep Guardiola is perhaps best known at the moment as being a top manager that had success at Barcelona and is now managing Bayern Munich.

    However, in his playing career he wasn’t bad either, where he was best known for a successful and long period with Barcelona. He made over 250 league appearances for the Spanish giants and represented Spain 47 times.

Hristo Stoichkov

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    A trend is developing here as the Bulgarian striker also had a very successful period with Barcelona and in fact played for club during two spells.

    Stoichkov also played 80 times for his country and a scorer of more than 300 goals in all competitions during his career. He would certainly be a very good example for young strikers to follow today.

Romario and Diego Mardona

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    Certainly these two very talented South American players would be notable to most fans around the world, with both having successful spells with Barcelona.

    Maradona’s career included the scoring of over 300 goals, and he played in Argentina, Spain and Italy. He also made over 90 for his country.

    Romario was also a striker, and his goalscoring exploits during his career was nothing short of sensational as he scored 688 goals. He also played 70 times for Brazil, scoring 55 goals. So it would be hard to talk about two better strikers that we have seen.

Lionel Messi

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    I always believe in leaving the best bit of information until last.

    Most people know who Lionel Messi is, but there are some details of the beginning of his time at Barcelona are lesser known. Minguella is able to tell us that the contract that took him to the Spanish club was signed on a napkin, and Messi was discouraged after the Spanish agent saw some footage of the Argentine wizard from some video tapes.

    This is really incredible stuff and just goes to show that not every player’s career has started in a traditional way. This is essentially what this challenge is all about. The image above shows the contract that Messi scored.

Who Will Be the Next Star?

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    I think it’s clear that the players featured in this slideshow are some of the best the world has ever seen.

    The challenge is all about making dreams come true and hopefully this will happen. In a few years we may be talking about a player as great as Messi. The napkin story is certainly a great one, but a greater story could be created here.

    Check out the video above that features Minguella talking about how things began for Lionel Messi at Barcelona.