12 Stories of Fans Stealing Stuff

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 12, 2013

12 Stories of Fans Stealing Stuff

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    It's unfortunately happened to us all.

    We put our lunch in the community fridge at work, leave it in there for the morning and when we come back to finally enjoy it, poof, it's gone thanks to some thieves.

    The same type of person who has the balls to jack another's lunch is probably one who would try to get away with a little five-finger discount on some sports items too, and these are the best instances of fans trying it.

Steve Bartman

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    What Was Stolen: Besides the hearts of every single Cubs fan? Just a foul ball away from then Cubs left fielder Moises Alou in the eighth inning of the NLCS—but we all know what happened afterwards.

    Aftermath: While some of us might just think this is tongue-in-cheek, for fans of the North Siders, it's anything but.

    Not only was Bartman escorted out of Wrigley Field thanks to threats from people he thought were on his side just a few minutes earlier, but he later became a ghost, disappearing without a trace.

    The ball has since been destroyed—but the pain from Bartman stealing it away from Alou hasn't subsided even 10 years later.

Desmond Bishop's Super Bowl Jersey

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    What Was Stolen: The Super Bowl game jersey of former Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop.

    Aftermath: There's still no end to this story yet, as Bishop has given several updates about the item being stolen, but no help from cops in retrieving it (allegedly).

    Ironically enough, I sat next to Desmond Bishop's aunt and uncle at last year's Seahawks/Packers Monday Night Game.

    Just as Packer fans and players got robbed on the final play, poor Bishop got jacked just a few months later too.

An MLB Rosin Bag

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    What Was Stolen: The rosin bag from the pitcher's mound of the Royals/Angels game.

    Aftermath: You might be wondering why I would add just a rosin bag to this list of things that fans were able to steal, but because of the hilarity of the story, I just couldn't help myself.

    Seeing a fan rush the field is funny enough, as they bob and weave their way past security to try and prolong their stay.

    But this guy wins the award for the best of the year, as he not only avoided cops right away, but was able to slide into the pitcher's mound to scoop up the rosin bag.

    Impressive stuff, sir, so I hope the night in jail was worth it.

Michael Jordan's Jersey

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    What Was Stolen: Michael Jordan's No. 23 jersey.

    Aftermath: Many of us remember that Michael Jordan was known for wearing two numbers while playing in the NBA—No. 23 and briefly No. 45 when he first came back in 1995.

    But not everyone remembers the day in Orlando when Jordan had to don a Bulls No. 12 jersey against the Magic in 1990 because a fan somehow was able to rip his usual one off.

    There were no leads on the stolen jersey, so congrats to you Mr. or Mrs. Fan, because you successfully beat Michael Jordan in something basketball related—not many people do that.

Naval Academy's Mascot

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    What Was Stolen: Bill, the Naval Academy's live goat mascot.

    Aftermath: It might be time for some of these colleges to consider using costumes to represent their mascots rather than live animals.

    At least that would be my suggestion after hearing about how Navy's mascot, Bill, was kidnapped and found on a median near the Pentagon a few years back.

    Since police had no idea who took the goat, there weren't any charges. But for all live mascots, it was certainly a warning sign that no leash is strong enough to keep out scoundrels.

Olympic Medals

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    What Was Stolen: Bronze medals from British bronze medalists Alex Partridge and Hannah McLeod.

    Aftermath: When thinking of the ways to get an Olympic medal, one would naturally assume that the most reasonable would be to work their ass off, compete against the world's best and place in the top three of their event.

    Others might try what one thief did during last year's London Games at a nightclub, when he snatched a few bronze medals from a couple of Great Britain's medalists.

    Thankfully, the prized hardware was returned to the actual athletes, not the gold medal-worthy crook.

Emmitt Smith's Helmet

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    What Was Stolen: Emmitt Smith's Cowboys Helmet.

    Aftermath: Following his Cowboys' second straight Super Bowl win in January '94, the future all-time leading rusher had his helmet snatched by someone during the postgame celebration.

    Since the Internet wasn't as prominent back then as it is now, it took a few days—and a full-on rescue team—to find the protective dome. But alas, the game's MVP was returned his helmet just in time for the victory parade.

Duke Blue Devils Mascot

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    What Was Stolen: The head of the Duke Blue Devils mascot, by rival North Carolina students.

    Aftermath: When it comes to sports rivalries, there are few that are any bigger than the one between Duke and North Carolina.

    Located just eight miles apart, the schools often poke fun at and compete with each other—especially for big-time basketball recruits.

    So it shouldn't be a surprise that UNC students were able to finagle their hands on the Blue Devil's mascot earlier this year, sticking it on a spike in Chapel Hill.

    This is just one of many pranks students from both school's have pulled off, so it's no harm, no foul in this case.

European Cup Trophy

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    What Was Stolen: The European Cup, the trophy awarded to the winner of the Champions League each year.

    Aftermath: With every single European team fighting for the chance to play for the coveted European Cup each year, it's pretty ironic that the thing got pinched so easily from a pub back in 1982 by a guy named Adrian Reed.

    Like any good story, there's a variety of retold versions of what actually happened, but rest assured that the cup was returned to cops just a few days later.

Wrigley Field's Ivy

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    What Was Stolen: The ivy that lines the outfield wall at Wrigley Field.

    Aftermath: In a classic case of late-night drunkenness (or so I'd guess), two 25-year-old Cubs fans actually sneaked into the hallowed grounds of Wrigley Field and tried to steal some of the ivy right off the outfield wall.

    The two were busted thanks to security cameras, with no known truth to the story that they were actually just looking for Andre Dawson in there.

Robert Kraft's Super Bowl Ring

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    What Was Stolen: The Super Bowl ring of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who let Russian President Vladimir Putin hold it during a meeting back in 2005.

    Aftermath: Super Bowl rings are the most prized possession of any NFL franchise, so when one shows up missing, it's serious business.

    As the story goes, Kraft—while visiting Putin in Russia—was asked if the president could try on the most recent of Kraft's three title rings.

    Kraft obliged to the request, only to find that Putin allegedly walked off with it.

    Naturally, Putin's side denies it all, but one can't help but think the Russians are still just jealous about how Rocky beat Drago in Rocky IV.

Jules Rimet Trophy

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    What Was Stolen: The former FIFA World Cup trophy, the Jules Rimet Trophy.

    Aftermath: Believe it or not, this trophy has somehow managed to be copped not just once—in 1966 from a showing of the prized trophy in London—but then again by burglars in Brazil in 1983, who melted the trophy down to sell the gold on the black market.

    After the initial robbery of the original trophy, FIFA created a new one, with the current World Cup Trophy that we know today.