NHL 14: Chicago Blackhawks and Teams That Dominate Top-50 Player Ratings

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 10, 2013

image from EA Sports
image from EA Sports

The defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks have a strong presence amongst the top-50 highest-rated players in NHL 14 (per EA Sports). In fact, they have six players in the group, the most of any team.

Jonathan Toews leads the way for the champs with an overall rating of 92.

How does Toews stack up against the best players in the game? Only the Boston Bruins Zdeno Chara (94), Washington Capitals Alexander Ovechkin (94), Detroit Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk (95) and Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby (95) are rated higher. Four other stars in the game also have a 92 overall rating.

Following Toews on the Blackhawks' stacked roster is Duncan Keith at 90, Marian Hossa and Brent Seabrook at 89 and Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp at 88.

That is a pretty sick list of stars on one team. It is hard to argue with the ratings considering the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cupย and dominated the regular season with a 36-7-5 record.

While the Blackhawks are obviously the game's highest-rated team, there are six other teams who are well-represented in the list of top-50 highest-rated players in NHL 14.

Pittsburgh Penguins

With four players rated in the top 50, the Pens are the only team even close to the Blackhawks in number of elite players. Crosby's 95 is tied for the highest rating on the game, but Evgeni Malkin's 92 overall rating isn't far behind. Kris Letang (89) and James Neal (88) round out the rest of the Penguins' star players.

If you're looking to challenge the guy online who just keeps picking the Blackhawks, the Pens are probably your best bet.

Detroit Red Wings

After Datsyuk, the Red Wings also have Henrik Zetterberg (90) and Niklas Kronwall (89) to carry the squad. Now that the Wings aren't in the same division as the Blackhawks any more, they should be the favorites in the new Atlantic division. Expect a slight push from the Montreal Canadiens.

Detroit is one of five teams with three players listed in the top 50.ย Here are the others:

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