Rickie Fowler Becomes 'Dick Fowler, P.I.' in New Commercial

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterAugust 28, 2013

He’s in the air, in the trees and on the ground.

His mustache brings enough joy to the world to count as community service, and he always gets his man.

He’s Dick Fowler, P.I., and he’s here to clean up golf.

In a new commercial for Farmers Insurance, American professional golfer Rickie Fowler goes full Magnum, P.I., donning a thick mustache and aviators to portray Dick Fowler, a private investigator whose mission is to make the golf course a safer, more respectful place. 

Back9Network.com has the video, and it deserves several watches.

No infraction is too big or too small for Dick Fowler, who lurks in the trees and zips over the links in a helicopter with his trusted caddy, Luis Chavez.

Park the golf cart? Who has the time? In Dick’s life, three seconds can be the difference between a quiet tee shot and a nasty slice onto someone's back porch. This explains why his preferred mode of movement is the time-saving somersault.

The first installment of the Farmers Insurance “Dick Fowler, P.I.” series is "Backswing Sting," in which Fowler confronts an obnoxious golf stereotype: the guy who decides your backswing is the perfect time to catch up with old buddies.

The offender in this occasion is named Carl, and he’s on the phone planning to “do a hot tub” while his golf partner is attempting to tee off. In comes Fowler, who knows a golfing felony is in progress.

“Don’t you know that it’s rude to talk during someone's backswing?” Fowler asks.

Ignore the fact that this noise warning comes from a man who flies helicopters over the golf course and focus on what happens next, because it happens fast.

Fowler grabs the phone and tosses it to Chavez, who quickly tees it up. 

Seconds later, the smartphone is in the hole, and an explosion worthy of Caddyshack blows up the green.

“Looks like that call...was dropped,” Fowler says. 

With that, Fowler caps off one of the best insurance commercials the nation has seen in some time. 

Good job, Dick. The course is now a better place.

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