Ranking the Worst Cleveland Cavaliers Uniforms Ever

Greg Swartz@@CavsGregBRCleveland Cavaliers Lead WriterAugust 23, 2013

Ranking the Worst Cleveland Cavaliers Uniforms Ever

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    A few weeks ago, we examined the best jersey designs in the 44-year history of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

    Needless to say, most have been very well done.  The rich history of wine and gold has been a hit both in the 1970's and today.

    With every good road, though, come a few bumps.

    Jerseys that are sometimes meant to capture the eye of fans often can cause pain to those same retinas.

    Like every other NBA team, the Cavs probably regret sending out players in certain uniforms.

    The following are those jerseys.

No. 7: Plain White Tease

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    Years Worn: 2010-current

     The Cavaliers current home uniforms, the simple white ones, actually isn't that terrible.

    When switching from the era of Cleveland's NBA Finals jerseys to these, however, it's clear that the Cavs took a major step back.

    Lost was some creativity, but gained was a simpler, more clean-cut jersey.

    Of these current home whites, road wines or alternate golds, the white jerseys are clearly the worst of the bunch.  While they're definitely not the worst in Cavaliers' history, they are perhaps just a little too boring and a little too plain for most people's tastes.

    There's a reason that Cleveland never introduces a new draft pick or free-agent signing in these.

No. 6: They Got Rid of the Hoop for This?

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    Years Worn: 1989-1994

    One look at these would make the casual basketball fan go "Eh".

    That's precisely what these jerseys inspire.

    Yes, they do indeed possess color and could function as a working basketball uniform. While the color scheme isn't bad, what hurts is knowing that Cleveland actually ditched the "V" in Cavs, as a hoop with a ball going through it for these.

    A significant step down, to be sure.

No. 5: Y2K Please Go Away

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    Years Worn: 1999-2003

     The Cavs flat-out stunk during this era, and the home jerseys at the time certainly didn't help.

    At a time when most people were worrying about crashing computers and the new millenium, the Cavs were just worried about not finishing in last place.

    Meanwhile, the Cavs' road black threads at the time actually weren't too bad, despite being very, very plain.

    The home whites?  Well, they did inspire one of the better jersey changes in the franchise's history, so they've got that going for them.

No. 4: Big Red Mistake

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    Years Worn: 1981-1983

     The only good thing to say about these disasters of the fashion world is that they were actually better than their home counterparts.

    Jerseys don't come much more boring than this, and no, the two thick stripes in the middle of the front don't help to change that.

    Of course, this version and the home version (coming up) were a product of the Ted Stepien era, easily the worst period of time in Cavaliers' history.

    Ugh. Next slide, please.

No. 3: Pumpkin Invasion

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    Years Worn: 1983-1987

     Not even World B. Free could make these orange monstrosities look good.

    We get it, orange is synonymous with basketball, but these road jerseys from the 80's look like they blew up a pumpkin only to roll around in its gourds while covered in flypaper.

    These could possibly pass for as alternates, much like the Miami Dolphins experiment with from time to time.  But as a full-fledged 41 game mainstay?

    The design and layout aren't bad, but that orange is enough to make a front-row season ticket-holder invest in some polarized shades.

No. 2: The 80's Enter in Beige

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    Years Worn: 1981-1983

     For whatever reason, the Cavs elected to forgo their beautiful wine-and-gold jerseys for light brown and red.

    Apparently the 80's did some weird things to people.

    With that being their home jerseys for three seasons, the Cavs took a major step back in both creativity and color scheme by switching from these beauties.

    Surely the switch had an effect on the players, as Cleveland managed an average of just 22 wins per season while sporting these unsightly uni's.

No. 1: Baby Blue Nightmare

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    Years Worn: 2008


    Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert likes to experiment with alternate jerseys and sometimes they work out quite well.

    This was not one of those times.

    Used by the Cavs during their 66-16 season, this was some sort of evil, distorted UCLA-meets-Cleveland disaster of a uniform that was never worn again after that year.

    Thank goodness, because when a 66-win team can't look good wearing these jerseys, nobody can.


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