The Career and Life of Tiger Woods (GIFs)

Phil Oscarson@philoscarsonContributor IIIAugust 14, 2013

ROCHESTER, NY - AUGUST 11:  Tiger Woods of the United States walks off the 18th green after an even-par 70 during the final round of the 95th PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club on August 11, 2013 in Rochester, New York.  (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Tiger Woods was born in 1975. When he was only six months old, he saw his dad hitting golf balls into a net. And he was intrigued.

He began to study and imitate his father’s swing.

And from then on, he took golf very seriously.

In 1978, he made his first TV appearance where he played golf with Bob Hope.

And everyone was like...

He was featured in Golf Digest magazine and on TV, and some of the pros felt a little intimidated by this young up-and-comer.

He went on to win several international Junior World Golf Championships. People took notice.

In 1995, he began attending Stanford University. He also participated in his first PGA major tournament. Some of his competition figured Tiger would be a pushover.

But instead he managed to trounce his competition.

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So Tiger chose to focus on golf full-time, which meant dropping out of school.

Which was a good idea, it turns out, because he quickly became one of the most successful golfers of all time.

And then, in 2004, he got married to model Elin Nordegren.

But after a few years of matrimony, things began to cool off...

And Tiger started to see other women. Quite a few other women, in fact.

Tragically, in 2006, Tiger’s dad passed away.

And then he got into a car wreck just outside his home in November 2009...

...which somehow led to a lot of other different women coming forward about their illicit relationships with Tiger.

Understandably, his wife did not take the news well.

She divorced him, and some of Tiger’s sponsors decided they didn’t want to have to deal with the scandal and subsequent fall from grace.

These were dark times for Tiger.

But he finally got back into golf, and at first everyone was pretty excited about it.

Except for some of his rivals and fans, who didn’t take it quite as well and couldn't forgive him for his indiscretions.

But those are the least of Tiger’s worries because tournaments that used to end like this...

...are now starting to feel more like this. He seems stuck on 14 majors despite some competitive tournaments.

However, a relatively successful season has kept hopes and expectations high for the golfer as he pursues Jack Nicklaus' record 18 major wins. Has Tiger lost his former edge?

Or will things pick back up for for one of the most celebrated golfers of all time?

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