Barack Obama Goes Golfing and Provides Presidentially Hilarious Pose

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 12, 2013

They see me golfing, they hatin'. 

The good people over at Next Impulse Sports came across an image of President Barack Obama the Internet simply needed to see.

Folks, the president:

While trying to determine whether to use best or greatest to describe this picture, let's consider the scant backstory available.

The image was taken by Nancy Lane of the Boston Herald and posted over at the Martha's Vineyard Times' Facebook page.

The Associated Press (via The Washington Post) also has a video of the president golfing for those who like to start the week watching a world leader two-putt.

In fact, President Obama seemed to show more emotion in one brief moment than PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner showed all weekend.

The Martha's Vineyard Times has a bit more information on the spirited round of golf:

On a perfect ‪#‎marthasvineyard‬ Sunday, ‪#‎PresidentObama‬ golfed at Farm Neck in Oak Bluffs. According to White House Pool reports, the golfer in chief missed a couple putts on the first hole, but appeared to be having a great time anyway. His foursome was rounded out by assistant Marvin Nicholson, White House chef Sam Kass and friend Robert Wolf.

While many of you are already busy crafting a brilliant Photoshop entry, I'm busy trying to figure out how one makes such a pose.

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I've come to one of two options. Either the president missed a putt, lost his mind and decided to walk around as The Wiz:

Or, he was trying to show off his own "silly walk":

Alas, it seems this is just what happens when the ball fails to go into the hole. The Washington Post's Billy Kenber quotes a pool report on the round of golf and this particular image:

His first putt was a miss, which Obama reacted to by leaning back and kicking his knee up, as if trying to coax the ball into breaking right.

He let out a little, "Ooooh," as it happened. Next one missed, too. Last one he just dragged in the hole.

It sounds like the president just needed a little pep talk from Kevin Nealon to get that little golf ball to go home.

Either way, it looks like even the Commander in Chief can get just as frustrated as the rest of us on the golf course.

It's a great game and the best way to ruin a good walk—or as it seems—the perfect way to invent a hilarious one.

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