Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Vijay Singh Absent from 'Good Guys' List

Fred Altvater@@tolohgolfrContributor IIAugust 7, 2013

Ernie Els and Tiger Woods are not included on Golf Digest's "Good Guys" list.
Ernie Els and Tiger Woods are not included on Golf Digest's "Good Guys" list.Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Golf Digest recently published an article listing the 30 most likable golfers on the PGA Tour. It is very difficult to include everyone on a list like this, but some very noticeable names are absent from the Golf Digest “Good Guys” list.

Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and Vijay Singh are three of the biggest golfers who may need to improve their public images, according to Golf Digest.

Golf Digest polled a variety of groups that interact with tour players on a daily basis. Caddies, tour officials, volunteers, equipment representatives and sponsors were asked to provide information using the following seven criteria to rate the players:

  1. Charitable contributioninvolvement, not just writing checks
  2. Good to the little peoplevolunteers, marshals, drivers
  3. Fan friendly
  4. Nice when no one is looking
  5. Role Models
  6. Media friendly or at least tolerant
  7. Ability to control entourages.

One instance of the type of personal conduct that would qualify a player for the list was witnessed by Rick Roberts, head of locker room operations at Bay Hill.

Graeme McDowell went the extra mile in the parking lot at the 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational. After shooting a disappointing 74 while paired with Tiger Woods and losing the tournament by five shots, McDowell stopped his car to sign an autograph and pose for a picture with a young fan, according to Roberts.

Lists are fun to create and ponder, but I'm not sure the PGA is all that excited about this list of their tour players. The problem is with the players who are not picked.

Ernie Els is very involved with the Els for Autism Foundation and has raised millions of dollars over the past several years. Since he is not included in the “Good Guys” list, does that mean he needs to work on his civility with the little people?

Vijay Singh always appears to be considerate and thoughtful when interviewed. His habit of hitting golf balls late into the evening can create problems for the golf course maintenance staff who cannot leave until he finishes and must return before dawn to prepare the course for the next day.

Tiger Woods is the No. 1 player in the world. Due to his huge success on the PGA Tour, he is asked to participate in a variety of activities where cameras catch his every move.

Woods learned at a young age to be wary of the media, and his high level of concentration demands his detachment from fans. He is very involved with his Tiger Woods Foundation and hosts two golf tournaments.

Woods' relationship with the media over the years has been contentious at best and always curt and cool. He does not spend hours signing autographs for fans like Phil Mickelson, and he is perceived as fan unfriendly.

If a player is not on the list, is he a jerk? Not necessarily.

Mark Wilson, Charles Howell III and Ken Duke are veterans of the tour who are outgoing, friendly and very appreciative of the ability to play a game for a living.

Every player, like every person, has a different personality. We may applaud Golf Digest for the effort, but the list does not do justice to the large number of great players absent from the list.