WWE NXT Results and Review of the 7/25/13 Edition

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIJuly 25, 2013

Welcome back everyone to the weekly results for the future of WWE! Last week, we saw the debut of Charlotte Flair, a crowning of the new NXT Tag Team champions and Leo Kruger became the No. 1 contender for Bo Dallas' NXT Championship. 

We started off with a beautiful package to hype the NXT Women's Championship match featuring Paige and Emma. Usually, WWE delivers when composing its hype packages, and the company did once again.

Here is the link for the show: www.watchwrestling.net.  

For the first match of the evening, we have the finals of the NXT Women's Championship, pitting Emma against Paige in a very historic moment for WWE's history and future.

Huge "Let's go Paige" chants are followed by "Let's go Emma" chants throughout the NXT Arena. The match starts off very even, as the two battle to the corner and Paige is forced to break the hold.

Emma follows two quick pin attempts, but Paige breaks out at two each time. Now Emma is in control, keeping Paige on the ground. Reversal cometh after a back-sliding pin attempt is tried, but Emma connects with the DilEMMA on the ropes and gets the four-count. She's forced to break, and then before the commercial break, Paige hits a huge kick to the gut on Emma, who falls to the floor.

Control is back in Emma's favor after a pin attempt. Then, Paige hits a perfect-plex, or as Brad Maddox calls it, a "Fisherwoman's suplex," but Emma kicks out at two.

Emma finally gets separation and gets Paige to the corner on the floor. She catches some steam and hits her patented diving cross-body to the corner, turning the momentum in her favor.

Pins back and forth are to no avail as Emma gains control of the match after the exchange. We are slowly approaching the 10-minute mark, which is rare for a women’s match in the WWE.

After a lengthy chin-lock to Paige, Emma hits an elbow on a fatigued Paige, but she kicks out at two after the cover. Now a body-lock is applied and Paige is still stymied. Paige finally reverses the momentum as she takes Emma to the corner, hits multiple elbows and takes her down to put on a version of the cloverleaf submission.

Thirty seconds later, Emma finally kicks out of the hold and rolls her up, but Paige kicks out at two. She then attempts her DilEMMA submission move, but Paige scampers to the ropes just in time before it could be applied.

A headbutt and multiple knees are applied to to Emma on the ring apron as Paige goes to the top rope, but the Australian native slaps her in the face to stall the move as Emma hits the super-plex off the top rope!

Both women now flat on the mat as the NXT Arena begins the chant of "This is awesome!"

Emma goes for the cover, but Paige gets her foot on the bottom rope to break the count. Two kicks to the gut by Paige as she gets to her feet allow her to hit the Paigeturner! One...two....three! Paige is your first-ever NXT Women's champion! An amazing match by two amazing athletes.

The women of NXT come out to celebrate with Paige as this historic event takes place. What a great scene. Now we are joined by HHH, who comes out to lift up Paige's hand in victory.


Next up will be the debut of Tyler Breeze, and it is announced that later Sheamus will be taking on Luke Harper.

Before the match, Zeb Colter cuts a promo on Sami Zayn along with Cesaro. They will find out his real name and noticed that he once wore a mask. Maybe WWE will know he used to be El Generico in ROH.

Angelo Dawkins will be the opponent of Tyler Breeze (formerly Mike Dalton). He is a mixture of Fandango, Zack Ryder, John Morrison and Joey Mercury. You will get the reference when you see him. 

He took five minutes to take selfies before the match. You get the picture.

This match lasted about one minute and 30 seconds before Dawkins ambushed him. Then, Breeze showed off his athleticism with a few moves and then took a few more selfies. To finish the match, he hit a huge spinning heel kick for the victory.


A promo for the Ascension is cut and they will be appearing next. Rick Victor and Connor O'Brien are freaks, but in a fantastic way. Their opponents will be Mickey Keegan and Aiden English.

This match was a huge squash match that displayed the strength and cooperation of the Ascension. It wasn't even close, and I can say with confidence that these two will be a force in the WWE tag scene.

THE ASCENSION PIN AIDEN ENGLISH (because Keegan was never in the ring).

Next up is Luke Harper with his Family taking on Sheamus. Also, a promo for Total Divas was aired.

We are told that next week, Bo Dallas and Sami Zayn will take on Antonio Cesaro and Leo Kruger in a tag team match. Now, for the main event of this week's show.

The match starts off very evenly matched, as the two showcase their strength. Harper strikes first, however, by hitting a huge shoulder block to Sheamus, taking him off his feet.

Harper takes a brief hiatus outside to talk with his leader, Bray. Now the match continues with Sheamus finally providing some offense. This match is telling a great story so far. When Harper gains an attack, Sheamus counters and does the exact same thing.

As soon as I say that, Sheamus gets hot and throws Harper out of the ring. The Irishman was going a clubberin on Harper and instead, Rowan gets involved and Sheamus does the exact same thing to him.

While the Celtic Warrior is worrying about Rowan, Harper takes the big man down followed by a Rowan clothesline.

After the commercial break, Harper is still in control in the corner, dishing out multiple uppercuts. While Luke has the attention from the ref, Rowan once again gets in a cheap shot, followed by a pin attempt, but Sheamus kicks out.

Then a rest hold is applied to Sheamus, but after a few minutes, he gets out of it and slams Harper on the mat, thus reversing momentum. The two men exchange punches back and forth, sounding really stiff.

Sheamus goes for White Noise, but Harper reverses and throws him in against the ropes, catapulting his way back to a waiting Harper who connects on a sidewalk slam.

Just following a kick-out at two, Sheamus reverses a diving elbow attempt by Harper. He hits the rolling senton and pins Luke, but he kicks out at two. Each man struggles to get back to their feet and Sheamus goes to the top rope but misses on the high-risk move.

He follows up and runs toward the ropes and looks for the Brogue kick, but Harper ducks out of the way and comes back with his spinning clothesline and connects! Sheamus barely kicks out a two-and-a-half!

Harper runs and lays out Sheamus in the corner. He looks for it again, but Sheamus ducks out of the way. Rowan tries to get involved, but the Irishman sees and reacts by delivering a punch to the head. Sheamus knocks Harper into Rowan and lifts him up for White Noise and hits it.

The Brogue Kick is connected and Sheamus pins Harper for the three-count!


That will do it this week for NXT. Thanks for all of you who read the results and have a fantastic week. I'll see you soon.

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