Baseball Player Is at Wrong Place at Wrong Time, Gets Taken out by Skydiver

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 22, 2013

All he needed was a bigger glove. 

Bob's Blitz reports on a video that will have baseball players around the country looking to the sky to see if there are any random people about to fall on their heads:

Mattingly Romanin, a sophomore infielder/outfielder from Chicago State University, is playing summer ball for the Hannibal Cavemen. (The Hannibal Cavemen are a summer collegiate baseball team located in Hannibal, MO that compete in the Prospect League.) Yesterday, he got KO'd by a skydiver.

UPDATE: Tuesday, July 23, 3:35 p.m. ET

Unfortunately, Romanin sustained far worse injuries than he initially thought. 

The Quincy Herald-Whig reports the Cavemen infielder will miss the rest of the season after being hit by a falling skydiver.

Romanin said he was evaluated by a doctor on Monday, and it was determined he had suffered a concussion. 

Romanin initially took to Twitter to explain that he was feeling fine if not a little sore. The website managed to get some words from the young man who is still on the mend after what he refers to as a freak accident. 

I still have headaches and stuff like that, and I just feel a little slow," Romanin said during a phone interview Tuesday. "It is unfortunate that it ended my season, and I'm a little upset about that, but you know what, it's just a freak accident and there's nothing we can do now. So I'm still trying to be upbeat it, and I'm still laughing with everybody."

End of Update---

The report fails to note that Romanin also plays on a team of guys who couldn't bother to give their friend a simple "heads up!" as a human being fell from the sky in his direction. 

Because we live in a remarkable age of smart phones and video-capturing gadgets, the report was able to include another angle of this scary moment:


Judging by the announcer in the background, I assume this wasn't just some skydiver way off course, but a planned ceremony that went awry. That being the case, you would think all on the field, including Romanin, would have their eyes fixated on the person flying to the ground with an American flag strapped to him. 

I mean, such sights are a little hard to miss. 

In the second video, it certainly seems like the other players caught a glimpse of the impending disaster and quickly moved out of the way. Romanin wasn't so lucky. 

Thankfully, the young man seems to be doing just fine. Judging by some tweets from his Twitter account, he has some soreness and a sudden lack of sunglasses:

Now only if my oakleys had survived too #RIP #hegone

— Mattingly Romanin (@MRomanin2) July 21, 2013

@JMileyATC I'm alright, pretty good headache and my neck is pretty stuff

— Mattingly Romanin (@MRomanin2) July 21, 2013

Now you up-and-coming baseball players have been warned. If your game features skydivers dropping onto the field, be sure to keep a careful watch on them. Doing so will save you one horrible headache. 

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