Craziest Plays from Sports You Never Watch

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIJuly 23, 2013

Craziest Plays from Sports You Never Watch

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    Americans, meet cricket, the second-most popular sport in the world. Cricket, meet the Americans, a collective of 314 million exuberant sports fans.

    While we're all making acquaintances, let's bring in Australian Rules Football, surfing, darts, badminton, free climbing, lacrosse and the marathon.

    There, introductions are done. Now let the party begin.

    What follows are 12 video clips of mind-blowing catches and flips. Of a fake that would flabbergast Houdini. Of a real-life Spider-Man. Of some of the greatest acrobatics ever performed by anyone outside of the Wallenda family.

    All courtesy of your new acquaintances.

    Click on to see what craziness the sports you never watch bring to the table.

Adam Dale's 'Catch of the Century'

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    Australian cricketer Adam Dale may have been sneezing out bits of turf in the weeks following this catch, but the impressive acrobatics earned him a standing ovation from the crowd.

    The Dale catch ranked No. 1 in a 2011 Fox Sports poll of the most classic outfield catches of all time.

Phil Taylor's Precision Bullseye

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    Phil Taylor proved himself the ultimate in dart snipers with this surgical bullseye in the of the 2008 Stan James World Matchplay. The seemingly impossible cemented his final-round comeback and won him a ninth championship trophy.

James Willstrop's Super Fake

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    When you think about fakes in sports, you probably imagine a fake handoff in the NFL, a pump fake in the NBA and just about every move in the WWE.

    But a fake in squash? It exists, and it's pretty damned slick.

    Check out James Willstrop from England wrongfooting opponent Ramy Ashour from Egypt with a double fake shot in the 2013 North American Open in Virgina.

Jordy Smith's Rodeo Flip

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    The South African surfing phenom pulled this high-flying rotating-flip back in June 2009. The maneuver—called a rodeo flip—set the surf world buzzing and got them rethinking the level of acrobatics one might tease from a wave.

Big Man, Big Catch

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    Dwayne Leverock, a.k.a Sluggo, might be called CC Sabathia's cricket counterpart. Despite his ample girth, this policeman from Bermuda displayed some stunning acts of athleticism.

    The magazine All Out Cricket ranks the retired left-arm spin bowler as one of the top 50 cricketers from non-Test playing nations of all time.

Sepak Takraw Doha Final Match

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    It's not an easy task picking a crazy play from the Southeast Asian sport of Sepak Takraw (aka kick volleyball).

    Because crazy is the norm in this sport.

    But choose if we must, check out the set and spike that begins at 1:57. Just be sure to put a pillow on the floor for when your jaw drops.

    Note: Video contains song lyrics that are NSFW.

Ivuti's Kick in the 2007 Chicago Marathon

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    Sure, I get it—who wants to see a bunch of people running for two-plus hours? No goals. No interceptions. No throwing. No catching. No kicking. Might as well park yourself on a bench at the train station and watch people come and go.

    But marathons can pack thrills. Check out this nail-biter of a finish to the insanely hot (temperature-wise and thrills-wise) 2007 Chicago Marathon.

    Kenya's Patrick Ivuti ended up taking the win from Morocco's two-time world champion Jaouad Gharib by 5/100th of a second.

Sick Badminton Rally

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    This epic rally is from the 2011 China Open. South Koreans Ko Sung Hyun and Yoo Yeon Seong played against Malaysians Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong.

    Watch the turbo shuttlecocking, and you'll be sure that you've just seen the point-winning overhead smash at least five times.

Gurkeerat Singh Takes Flight

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    Refer to "The Catch" in the USA, and people will assume you mean David Tyree's unbelievable helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII.

    Refer to "The Catch" in India, and people figure you mean this sick one-handed diving snag by Gukeerat Singh of the India Premiere League.

    Hey baseball fans...mitts, shmitts.

Andrew Walker Makes an Indelible Mark

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    The rules for body contact in Australian Rules Football may be surprising to those not familiar with the sport.

    Using your hands to push your opponent—well, that's out. But climbing up his back and perching on his head to make a catch (a move known as taking a hanger) is just fine.

    Carlton's Andrew Walker (seen here) is the Hanger King.

    And NBA fans thought getting posterized was the ultimate in humiliation.

Maryland Mega Lacrosse Fake

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    Check out the ol' switcheroo put to very effective use in this Maryland vs. UNC match during the 2011 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship. You may have to watch the video two or three times before you figure out how the swindle went down.

    Who needs Quidditch with magic like this?

Jyoti Raju: The Miracle on Sandstone

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    So how did this poor laborer from India become such a skilled athlete? Did he take rock climbing classes? Study under a premiere parkour coach?

    No, to climb like Raju, one must study under the greatest climbing coaches in the world: monkeys.

    Check out 0:35 to see the insanest move of all.

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