5 Best Mexican Strikers of All Time

Karla Villegas Gama@karlitsvFeatured ColumnistJuly 16, 2013

5 Best Mexican Strikers of All Time

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    Mexican football has had several bright strikers throughout its history. From Horacio Casarin to Javier Hernandez, these players have given Mexican fans lots of joy.

    Despite their clear differences in style, technique and personality, these footballers have accomplished their feat as strikers and have even had the chance to play abroad.

    Let's find out who are the best Mexicans in the attacking zone.

Honorable Mention

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    There are three Mexican players who deserve a shout-out.

    Jared Borgetti is the all-time leading scorer of Mexico's national team with 46 goals. Borgetti was a quick and fearless player inside the box. He was very accurate and powerful with headers. His golden age came in 2005, when he proved to the world his capacity at the Confederations Cup, which secured him a contract with Bolton Wanderers.

    Luis Hernandez is the Mexican who has more goals in World Cups. In France in 1998, Hernandez scored twice against South Korea and once apiece against the Netherlands and Germany. He also became the first Mexican to score more than two goals in a single World Cup edition. "El Matador" had tremendous speed and was so slick that he left defenders behind him with ease.

    Carlos Hermosillo scored 35 times with El Tri. Hermosillo only played two World Cup games in 1994. He was one of the most feared strikers in a Mexican local league where he played for America, Monterrey, Cruz Azul, Nexaxa, Atlante and Guadalajara. He scored 279 goals in the Mexican league.

5. Salvador Reyes

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    Salvador Reyes is the all-time leading scorer of Guadalajara. "Chava" Reyes won seven titles with the Campeonisimo, a Chivas squad that claimed eight local league championships in the '60s.

    Reyes scored more goals than any other player that has worn the Guadalajara jersey with 122. He was the top scorer of the 1960-61 season with 21 goals in 25 appearances.

    He also lead the club to four consecutive titles, something no other Mexican team has accomplished.

    With El Tri, Reyes scored 14 times and was capped for three World Cup tours, including Sweden in 1958, Chile in 1962 and England in 1966.

4. Horacio Casarin

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    Horacio Casarin retired in 1957 as the all-time top Mexican scorer at the time with 256 goals. "El Chamaco" is one of the most legendary players of the country.

    He scored 52 goals with El Tri—although FIFA only recognizes the 17 he netted against national teams. Casarin had a powerful right-footed shot and was very good with headers.

    He was a cornerstone of Necaxa, where he played seven years, and with Atlante, a club that kept him under its command for eight years.

    Horacio was the first role model in Mexican football.

3. Javier Hernandez

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    Mexico had been looking for a striker for a very long time before Javier Hernandez came along.

    "Chicharito" has been close to football since his youth due to a sort of family inheritance, as his grandfather and his father were both professional players.

    In less than four years, Hernandez has scored 35 goals with El Tri, becoming the team's third-leading all-time scorer behind only Luis Hernandez and Carlos Hermosillo.

    He is also the first Mexican to play for Manchester United and the most successful Mexican in Premier League play with 33 goals.

    Constantly called goal poacher, Javier may not be a playmaker, but he does seal the deal when needed by using any part of his body to score.

2. Cuauhtemoc Blanco

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    Some people love him, some people hate him. The truth is that Cuauhtemoc Blanco has been a standard-bearer of Mexican football.

    "El Cuau" has fine touch and superb ball control that, combined, have proven to be lethal. He was an instrumental piece with Mexico's national team, both as a playmaker and as a finisher.

    Blanco is the second-leading all-time scorer of El Tri, with 39 goals in 121 appearances. He played at the 1998, 2002 and 2010 World Cups. He also has played in two Confederations Cups, where he is tied with Ronaldinho as the all-time leading goal scorer with nine goals apiece.

    Blanco has played 566 games with eight different clubs and has scored 191 goals.


1. Hugo Sánchez

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    Hugo Sánchez became a legend with Real Madrid.

    Sanchez won five La Liga titles with "Los Merengues" and four Pichichi trophies, winning one previously with Atletico Madrid.

    His mobility inside the box and his goal-scoring knack set him apart as one of the best footballers of his time. No wonder why Real Madrid named him in its all-time greatest 11.

    His performance with El Tri was not as good, though. Hugo played in the 1978, 1986 and 1994 World Cups but he did not play in Italy in 1990 at the prime of his career because Mexico was banned from all FIFA sanctioned competitions due to the "Cachirules" scandal.

    Sanchez is by far the greatest Mexican striker that the country has ever had. His technical skills and passion on the pitch had never been seen before his arrival.

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