Gymnast Shoots Free Throw in Most Insane Manner Possible

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 11, 2013

The gymnastic takeover of all sports is upon us. 

Next Impulse Sports spotted this video posted by Howard Tilman on YouTube with the apt title, "Kadosh!"

The athletic genius is Noa Kadosh, and she is apparently tired with the lame manner in which other basketball players decide to shoot their free throws. 

Instead, she decides to flip over and kick a basketball into the hoop with what appears to be the heel of her foot, causing an uproar from those who were lucky enough to watch it all go down. 

From here on out, any marvelous bucket shall be followed with the exclamation of, "Kadosh!" If someone could get Marv Albert to work this into his vernacular, that would be grand. 

I would also like to point out that while this gymnast flipped over and punted a ball into the net, guys like Dwight Howard continue to struggle shooting the normal way. 

This particular shot will remind some of you Internet denizens about the following video featuring a rhythmic gymnast delivering a first pitch in the coolest manner possible. 

With one flip and an amazing toss, Shin Soo-ji renders every other first pitch quite lame. And to think, the likes of John Wall had issues getting the ball in the vicinity of home plate. 

As for Kadosh, we have no idea how many attempts it took her to drain this epic free throw, but we like to think it was her very first try; it's the optimist in us. 

Now there is absolutely no excuse for any NBA players to miss a shot from the charity stripe. I say anyone missing two in a row has to shoot their subsequent shots like this until the end of the game. 

Finally, there would be a reason to cheer for the incessant hack-a-Howard ploy. 

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