15 Athletes Being Whiney Little Crybabies

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJuly 10, 2013

15 Athletes Being Whiney Little Crybabies

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    If you have a younger sibling, than you know one thing: No one likes a whiner.

    Watching your little brother or sister throw a fit over something completely insane is bad enough, but it's worse when you see a grown-ass professional athlete do the same thing.

    These people get paid millions of dollars to play a sport, so what do they really have to whine about, right?

    After doing a little research, it seems a hell of a lot!

Anyone in a Baseball Game Arguing Balls and Strikes

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    Whining Grade: B-

    For anyone who has played or watched baseball, I'm sure you understand that arguing is just part of the game.

    But for those who constantly do it, it can get a tad overwhelming.

    So whether it's a manager like Bobby Cox—who holds the record for most managerial ejections—a pitcher who can't seem to get the call on the outer parts of the plate or a batter who reacts way too out of hand to a bad call, it's time to slow your roll.

Pau Gasol (Los Angeles Lakers)

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    Whining Grade: B-

    As if you didn't already see this one coming, here's a compilation of the many faces that Lakers forward Pau Gasol often shows throughout a season.

    Based off that alone, it's obvious that the Spaniard's a passionate guy.

    Seeing him whine about being left off the court in the final minutes of games last season—even as his team was winning games—is about as bull-headed as a guy can get.

    Maybe his complaining can be attributed to the language barrier, but I highly doubt it.

Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins)

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    Whining Grade: B

    In his most recent episode of whining, Pens all-world center Sidney Crosby made a not so smart decision to get in the face of Bruins captain—and behemoth of a man—Zdeno Chara.

    But don't think that it's the first time, or last, that Sid will continue to whine like a kid.

    Throughout his career, Crosby has traditionally been ranked by his peers amongst the biggest complainers in the league, with some opposing fans even taking it to the next level by creating a beer in honor of his sorrows.

The Dallas Cowboys

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    Whining Grade: B

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but last I checked, football was a game of hitting.

    I'm a little bit flabbergasted at the reaction Cowboys players gave after last season's game against the Seahawks when pint-sized Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate absolutely leveled Dallas linebacker Sean Lee.

    I really don't know what's more embarrassing here, the players' crying about being hit, or the fact that the 5'10" Tate laid out the 6'2" Lee?

    Either way, it's a wussy move.

Tiger Woods (PGA)

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    Whining Grade: B

    Where should I start when it comes to Tiger Woods?

    I could give this example—where he yells because someone talked in his swing (acceptable).

    Or this one—where he really went completely nuts a variety of times at the '12 Masters.

    Oh what the hell, Tiger complains because he gets too much attention, has a bulls-eye on his back from other players and the highest of expectations for himself.

    I can't blame the guy for striving for perfection, but I can for constantly crying about it when things don't go his way.

Viktor Troicki (Tennis)

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    Whining Grade: B

    There's complaining, and then there are Viktor Troicki-type outbursts.

    Throughout the years, we've seen plenty of athletes in all different sports hound the refs.

    But never have we seen what Troicki did earlier this year when he ran rampant all over the court to voice his displeasure with a call.

    The Serbian even grabbed a cameraman to prove his point.

    Yelling over and over at the umpire, "you know you're wrong," was the height of a meltdown that would make even John McEnroe jealous.

Dwight Howard (Houston Rockets)

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    Whining Grade: B

    I thought I could have easily stuck new Rockets center Dwight Howard anywhere in the top-5 of this list. 

    Shockingly enough, because of the amount of people ahead of him who cry even more than he does, he lands in the middle of the pack.

    It's a little surprising Howard didn't re-sign with the Lakers this summer seeing that every single thing he does is over-dramatized.

    His flip-flopping is notorious, as is whining about both calls and, well, pretty much everything he does could be described as a little immature.

Alex Rodriguez (New York Yankees)

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    Whining Grade: B+

    I'd like to apologize to Alex Rodriguez right now, because whether he knows or accepts it, everyone is sick of his bull these days.

    It's not as if he was ever the most adored ballplayer out there to begin with, but at least he had some Yankee fans defending him.

    These days though? Not so much.

    Few people have love for a narcissistic, overpaid, declining, injured and outspoken athlete who whines about everything that doesn't go his way.

    Just rehab and keep your mouth shut my man.

Lolo Jones (Track and Bobsledding)

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    Whining Grade: B+

    Do any of us really feel sorry for Lolo Jones?

    The mega-hot Olympian who has never lived up to her athletic expectations just can't seem to catch a break—well, if you ask her anyway.

    After announcing that she'd be trying her hand at bobsledding, Jones was a little less than enthused upon receiving her check, pulling in a mere $741 for her seven months of training.

    Look, I'd be pissed too, but come on now, Lolo. Not only did absolutely no one twist your arm to get into your new sport, but your finances are public, you're a damn millionaire cuz.

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat)

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    Whining Grade: B+

    Let's just call a spade a spade; the majority of NBA fans can't stand LeBron James and Dwyane Wade together.

    Both top-10 players in the league (assuming Wade's healthy), the two are often chirping anytime the feel a finger (or hard foul) from the opposition on them, falling to the floor and sprinting after the nearest ref.

    They might have two-straight titles together, and three Finals MVPs between them, but because of it, they're even bigger whiners than most in the league.

Serena Williams (Tennis)

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    Whining Grade: B+

    Serena Williams is absolutely one of the best female tennis players to ever play the sport, but she also happens to be the female version of former tennis bad boy, John McEnroe.

    With a temper that's unequaled by any athlete of the same gender, Williams often gets in trouble for smashing rackets, verbally-abusing umpires and line judges and, of course, volleys hate back and forth with other players anytime she gets a chance.

    When it comes to whining, Serena definitely aces it.

Alex Bogomolov Jr. (Tennis)

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    Whining Grade: A-

    He may not be one of the more recognizable players on the ATP tour, but Russian player Alex Bogomolov Jr. sure distinguished himself as one of the top-10 crybabies in this recent incident.

    I completely understand his frustration with the umpire after hearing a fan call a ball out in a match last week, but it's his reaction afterwards that earns him a timeout in the corner.

    Abruptly retiring from the match, shaking the umpire's hand with a "F you" and then storming off the court is no way to show you're an adult bro.

Any Athlete Demanding More Money/Trade

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    Whining Grade: A-

    He may not be in the league anymore, but former NBA player Latrell Sprewell famously turned down a $21 million dollar contract because he, "had a family to feed."

    Not long after, Spree found himself out of the league and has since had financial trouble.

    Much like Sprewell, there have been (and will continue to be) others who cry about their contract status or team success.

    I have no patience with any athlete who holds out for more money or tries to undermine his franchise by executing a trade because he's unhappy.

    Suck it up dude, it may be a business, but you're not bigger than the team.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid and Portuguese National Team)

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    Whining Grade: A

    Cristiano Ronaldo might be the best soccer player on the planet, willing and able to put the ball pretty much wherever he wants to, but because of his enormous talent and success, he complains a hell of a lot.

    Besides CR7 knowingly being one of the biggest divers in the sport, pleading with referees after every "missed" call, there was that small instance of his unhappiness at Real Madrid last fall—which has since passed.

    For even mentioning being in the dumps with a model girlfriend, a fat contract and elite status around the world, I just can't give too much sympathy for the dude.

Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers)

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    Whining Grade: A

    I admit to hating Kobe Bryant since back in the day.

    Even after numerous drunk conversations, in which my college roomates tried to convince me otherwise, I never conceded—even if Kobe was the best of his generation.

    What was my hold up?

    Exactly what he's shown over the past few months.

    I may have finally loosened my hold on the Bryant hate leash, but with him (rightfully) complaining about his parents selling his basketball merchandise, constantly arguing with refs and recently un-following Dwight Howard on Twitter after he left for the Rockets, it's clear Bryant feels like he has a silver spoon and everyone else should feed him with it.