Sports Pictures That'll Make You Do a Double Take

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIJuly 11, 2013

Sports Pictures That'll Make You Do a Double Take

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    At first glance it's just another shot of a hockey player on the bench, of a scoreboard, of a moon rising over a ball court, of Michael Jordan in an iconic pose. You look away, grab a pretzel from the bag. Enough web browsingtime to switch over to the boob tube. As you reach for the remote, neurons backfire, returning to the synapses they had just crossed. It's a neurotransmission rewind. Your brain screams "Whoa, Nelly." Your conscience yanks at the reins.

    Slowly, your eyes shift back to that picture. And then you see what you had already seen, but hadn't realized. You see the girl behind the hockey player on the bench. You see the extra digit in the score. You see the hand reaching for the moon. You see the number on Jordan's jersey.

    If you're prone to whiplash, put on your neck brace; it's double-take time.

    To see the pics, click on. Then click back. Then click on again.

Gymnasts Chilling out

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    If M.C Escher had taken up photography instead of drawing, this is what he might've come up with.

Dear NFL Shop, Who the Heck Is Aaron Rogers?

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    Go ahead and misspell Ryan Leaf. Go for it. Lief. Leef. Leev. Do your worst. No one's going to buy the jersey anyway. But Aaron Rodgers. The Aaron Rodgers. Come on, marketing people. Doesn't spelling count in an MBA program?

Spiky Spike

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    Cell towers? Nope. Electrical transmission towers? Nope. Christmas lights? Uh-uh.

    Holy pinnacle of awesomeness—those are people, people.

    Photoshopped? No, sir. These 28 climbers are truly and symmetrically perched on Cleopatra’s Needle in the Italian Alps.

Moon Dunk

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    Now shoot a hockey puck into the great red spot on Jupiter and I'll be really impressed.

Marion Batoli's IQ

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    No wonder she's winning. With an IQ significantly higher than arguably the two greatest physicists ever to walk the Earth, she is probably using her mind to unravel and re-thread the space–time continuum to her advantage.

Lugist on the Wall

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    Not wall art in an Olympic Games exhibit. Just a 74 mph photobomb.

Dwyane Wade Dresses for a Flood

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    Look from the knees up and you'll see one cool cat strutting his stuff. Film the walk in slo-mo and Wade would be right out of a slick Tarantino film.

    But zoom out to see the conspicuous lack of fabric and it all comes crashing down.

    This is not a fashion disaster, it's a fashion Armageddon.

Shaq Meets His Hero

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    Shaq: 7'1" (2.16 meters)

    Danica: 5'2" (1.57 meters)

    Think about it, stack two Subway Footlongs on end, then balance the grinder tower on Danica's head and she'll just barely top the Big Shamrock.

Squash Ahoy!

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    Yes, that's a pumpkin he's sitting on. And wearing on his head. Welcome to Windsor, Nova Scotia's Pumpkin Regatta, an annual event.

    Snigger if you will, but paddling a PVC (personal vegetable craft) is reportedly no easy task.

Do You Think John Wall Noticed?

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    After attending the University of Kentcuky for a year, John Wall (No. 11 in picture) joined the NBA as a proud member of the Washingnot Wizards.

What Is Ben Looking At?

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    A screenshot of Ben Eager sitting on the bench. No thrills here. But don't look away just yet. Take in the details. The cooler. The Gatorade tote. The coach and clipboard... the young lady. 

    Click here for a NSFW video of the glorious incident.

Rocket Lodge

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    Witness the ultimate in winter sports comfort—the Holmenkollen rocket lodge. No longer do ski jumpers need to make the long trek back to the lodge after a frigid and unnerving jump. The accommodations now up and travel with the athletes. 

    Here Norwegian ski jumper Anders Jacobsen takes full advantage of the glorious technology.

Headless Gymnast

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    Pictured here the lovely and headless Katherine Coronel of Venezuela performs at the 20th Juegos Deportivos Centroamericanos y del Caribe in Cartagena, in Colombia.

    Click here to meet some of Coronel's headless peers from around the world.

Muhammad Ali Submerged

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    So the story goes that Ali confessed to photographer Flip Schulke that "his secret training routine involved a strenuous underwater workout."

    Reportedly Ali agreed to allow Schulke to photograph him underwater on the condition that the photos get published in Life magazine.

    Decades later Ali apparently confessed that the whole submerged training routine was a tall tale; Ali just wanted a cool picture of himself in Life.

Statue for Three

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    Sure, but can the old codger do a layup?

Ray Lewis, Human Flame

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    Man, that deer antler spray is some powerful stuff.

    Ray, best hold off on the moose spray, lest you vaporize yourself.

Armed and Dangerous

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    Australian soccer player Mark Bridge laments a missed shot against Ivory Coast during a Group A Men's soccer match at the Beijing 2008 Olympics in Tianjin, China.

    Moments later, as was trudging off the pitch, he stumbled and twisted three of his ankles.

Tiger Is Stoked

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    Tiger Woods' only alleged mistress yet to be uncovered.

No Words Needed

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    This shot is from Super Bowl XLIV in February 2011.

    And people say it wasn't until 2013 when Jason Collins came out that there was an openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport.


Venus Williams Goes Commando

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    "The outfit is about illusion," Venus said, "and that's been a lot of my motif this year, illusion."

    That's a little deep, Venus. I'd say the outfit is about heralding your tush.

Thunder Demolishing Warriors

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    Hey a Golden State win isn't inconceivable here; there are still 12 minutes left in the game.

    (Scoreboard debacle courtesy of Oracle Arena in Oakland)

Michael Jordan Dons No. 12

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    Jordan and 23 are as inextricably linked as Madonna and boob cones.

    So who is this No. 12 clown?

    It's MJ all right. See once upon a Valentine's Day (1990, to be specific) an enterprising fan stole Jordan's jersey from the locker room shortly before tip off. With no replacement on hand, His Airness had no choice but to re-numerate for the night.