NCAA Football 14: How to Download Named Rosters for More Authentic Experience

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIJuly 9, 2013

image from NCAA 14 (name on jersey inputted by user)
image from NCAA 14 (name on jersey inputted by user)

You'd probably love to see "Thomas" on the back of the HB No. 6's jersey for the Oregon Ducks in NCAA 14.

You and I know the man with the 97 overall rating is modeled after De'Anthony Thomas, but because collegiate athletes' names can't be included in any video game, all we get is his number. (Updates below.)

It's just like when you go to your local sporting goods store and buy a collegiate jersey. You may see the number on the front and back, but no name will appear. 

For some, the game can become pretty stale without the players having some identity beyond numbers because, after all, this isn't a prison.

EA Sports knows this and that's why they provide the option to have fictional names distributed across the rosters of every team. While the name "Thomas" won't be issued to Oregon's stud running back, some identity will be given to the most electrifying ball-carrier in the game.

Taking things a step further and making them even more fun and authentic, the game allows players to completely customize rosters that are shareable online.

Gamers can recreate their high school's roster, make a team full of giants or dwarfs, or even fill in the rosters with the real players from college football depth charts.


The latter takes a ton of time, effort, dedication and attention to detail, but every year at least one awesome team of gamers accomplishes the task.

Once the full rosters have been named, you just need to know the gamertag or PSN of the gamer who uploads the file. Last year a gamer with the PSN ID of pudgee691 did the honors for PS3 users.

For Xbox 360 users, a gamer with this mind-boggling gamertag put in the work: CcAaRrSsOoNn3.

UPDATE: Wednesday, July 10, at 1:15 p.m. ET by Brian Mazique

While the aforementioned gamers are the preferred roster creators, the following two gamers—who are also part of the Operation Sports community—have uploaded completed rosters for the Xbox 360 and PS 3, respectively:

Xbox 360 gamertag: KillerDragon114


Some may still choose to wait for the official Operation Sports rosters, but if you're jonesing, these will definitely do.

---End of Update---

Per the Operation Sports NCAA 14 forums section, both gamers are back at it again this year. These rosters will be available to download over the next few days, per indications in the forum thread.

You can check back here or in the OS forums directly to see when the rosters are complete. Once they are done, the video below explains how you go about downloading them.

The video shows the process on Xbox 360 but it works the same way for PS3. The rosters aren't completed as of this article being published, but the steps are still the same.

Take a look:

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