Rob Van Dam's Chances of Winning at WWE Money in the Bank

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistJuly 4, 2013

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Rob Van Dam is making his WWE return on Sunday, July 14, at the company’s Money in the Bank pay-per view.  The “Whole F’N Show” will be competing against six other Superstars in the Raw All-Stars ladder match, with the winner earning a guaranteed shot at the WWE Championship.

And a lot of fans believe he’s going over.  But the question is: should he?

When WWE announced RVD’s imminent return, I have to say I was not very surprised.  After all, I personally had never heard of any ill will between both sides, so considering RVD seemed to leave on good terms, the door was likely always open to him.

And despite whether or not Van Dam enjoyed his time in TNA, the fact is that when WWE come calling and the opportunity is there to do some business, then it’s typically the right move.  But does Van Dam’s return mean the Money in the Bank ladder match is a guaranteed win?

Yes and no.

In any other situation, I would say that while a returning Superstar should win his first match back, he should probably not be winning a major title or a major title opportunity.  It’s not as though I don’t like to see WWE mix things up from time to time but think of all the other Superstars who get passed over whenever a scenario like that one plays out.

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It’s almost as if the other guys are just not there and suddenly it’s "all hail the conquering hero."  But in the case of Rob Van Dam, I am switching gears on the issue.  

Part of the reason my opinion has changed on this one is because this is not just any WWE Superstar we’re talking about here, this is Rob Van Dam.  He is one of the most popular workers to ever step into Vince McMahon’s ring, and he is still one of the most recognized pro wrestling talents among fans all over the world.

There’s also the fact that he is one of the most dynamic performers in WWE history.  His innovative technique puts him on a level that is all his own.  He has all the excitement of an acrobatic daredevil, combined with the ability to mat wrestle.  He brings fans to their feet every time he’s in the ring, and he has been consistently good during his entire career.

The other part of this equation is that all six men that RVD will be competing against in the ladder match have already been to the top of the mountain.  All six have worn either the WWE or World Championship or both, and all of them are trusted workers who can carry the load in any match they’re in.

Being surrounded by guys who have no real ladder to climb and no real top level to reach means that all the pressure is off for RVD.  He should be right at home in this match and should be able to just have fun with it.  

And that also means that if indeed Van Dam goes over in the end, that he has not necessarily stepped on anyone else to get there.

This bout does not feature younger Superstars working hard to be noticed by fans and by the WWE top brass.  There is no “rookie” that fans need to worry is being passed over in favor of a Van Dam victory.  This match is basically just seven very talented guys who all know each other, getting into the ring and putting on a show for the fans.

So why not let RVD win this match?  If mixing it up is indeed in the cards for WWE creative, Van Dam winning a title shot on his first night back would definitely be something different.  The event does take place in ECW’s old stomping grounds of Philadelphia, and a win would provide an insane amount of momentum for RVD from that point on.

But having said all of that, the fact is that even a great idea is not always the best idea.

The reason for that is because Daniel Bryan is in this match.  The former WWE tag team champion has been absolutely on fire for the past few months, turning up the heat in every town that he wrestles in.  He turns in one high-octane performance after another and is more over with the crowd than at any time in his WWE career.

Daniel Bryan has worked very hard to get a shot, and when you have a guy like that, you typically reward his efforts.  Perhaps a WWE title opportunity is not only what Bryan deserves, but what he has earned.  If RVD were to pull down that red briefcase, it could appear that Bryan’s work was for nothing and may actually generate a bit of heat from the crowd.

Of course, if the plan is for Daniel to turn heel once again, then this could be the catalyst for that to happen.  Perhaps we will see Rob Van Dam with his arm raised in the end after all.

Rob Van Dam’s first bout back in WWE is scheduled to take place on July 14 when he participates in the seven-man All-Star Money in the Bank ladder match.  RVD’s opponents are already established stars in the company, and the truth is that Mr. Monday Night has a very good chance of walking out of this match with a WWE title shot.

He is the Whole F’N Show after all.