15 People in Sports That Really Need to Stop Talking

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistJune 27, 2013

15 People in Sports That Really Need to Stop Talking

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    The timing of Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman telling his injured, deteriorating, overpaid third baseman Alex Rodriguez to "shut the F up" just couldn't have come at a better time.

    After being assigned an article about sports figures who just need to stop talking, this was like finding journalist gold the day before writing something up.

    Whether Cashman was right or wrong in his reaction to A-Rod tweeting out his rehab status or not, fans were probably happy to see the star be chewed out.

    And these are some other people I wish would get the same exact treatment as Rodriguez.

Ian Stewart

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    Here's a word of advice to Cubs third baseman Ian Stewart—what you say on your Twitter account can hurt you.

    Stewart found that out the very hard way after he bashed the organization, telling them to basically release him, which earned him a 10-game suspension.

    He's only a career .232 hitter, so it's not like this is Miguel Cabrera doing this, but still, let this be a lesson for all future athletes to think before you hit 'send'.

    Annoyance Level: 5.8

Chad Ochocinco

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    I really tried my hardest to avoid giving even more attention to former NFL wideout Chad Ochocinco and exclude him from this list, but it was just too difficult.

    After waking up this morning and seeing my Twitter feed filled with a bunch of updates on Chad's life, my patience with him is thin.

    Sure, I could just unfollow him, and the posts will be gone, but I'm too damn stubborn for that.

    His constant updates about playing FIFA and working out for a career that doesn't want him back in it need to stop—but that's just how I feel.

    Annoyance Level: 6.1

Sergio Garcia

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    Zero-time Major winner Sergio Garcia really doesn't know how to pick fights, does he?

    After his many choke jobs on the course, he needed the Heimlich Maneuver to be performed on him to get the boot from his throat after his comments on Tiger Woods.

    Any sports fan knows that there's always been a hate-hate relationship between Woods and Sergio, but the Spaniard really took it to the next level by making it personal.

    Annoyance Level: 6.4

Metta World Peace

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    Lakers forward Metta World Peace has tried to escape his badass persona from his Ron Artest days, but there's just one problem—he's still the same outspoken and aloof person.

    Not only has his game diminished in recent years, but he's almost become an afterthought for what he does on the court because of the stunts he does off of it now.

    Once feared as a defensive stopper, World Peace needs to peace out before any cameras get a chance to get in his face.

    Annoyance Level: 6.5

Mark Sanchez

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    It's not that I hate Mark Sanchez—I actually admit to developing a bit of a man crush on the Jets quarterback while he was at SC.

    But how can anyone take him seriously these days when he's talking about focusing more and doing whatever it takes to remain the Jets starter when he continues to do things like this?

    I can live with the headband and even the constant support for the underachieving player, but seeing his bare ass dance with two hot girls is where I draw the line.

    Annoyance Level: 6.7

Soccer Fans

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    Here's my friendly request to all soccer fans—please stop complaining.

    As someone who has played the game since I was three, I probably love soccer more than the average fan, but even I'm fed up with my fellow fans.

    For all those ignorant fans who continue to demand respect and question those who "don't know squat" about the game, give it a rest.

    Remember, it's called "The Beautiful Game" for a reason, so stop making it so ugly for everyone to accept with your whining.

    Annoyance Level: 7

JaMarcus Russell

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    This might be harsh for me to pick on one of the biggest busts in NFL history, but I just can't help myself for some reason.

    Though much of it is media-driven, JaMarcus Russell needs to just stop showing up in news.

    I'm all for a guy working his way back, getting a second chance and proving he wasn't as bad as everyone assumes he was, but there's no reason for anyone to continue to report on how many teams are working him out or who might be interested in signing him.

    Annoyance Level: 7.2

John Tortorella

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    New Vancouver Canucks coach John Tortorella might not be in the biggest media market of New York anymore—as he was for four-plus seasons as coach of the Rangers—but you can bet he'll still attract plenty of attention thanks to his epic rants.

    As if you need any more evidence, just take a peek at this video as to why the coach should take a chill pill when letting everyone know what's going on in that head of his.

    He may have a Stanley Cup ring from 2004 with the Lightning, but he's not a hockey god by any stretch of the imagination.

    Annoyance Level: 7.6

LeBron James

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    If you've ever read any of my articles before, you know that I'm a born-and-bred Cleveland sports fan—please don't hold it against me.

    And while I've openly given props to LeBron and his accomplishments, he just had to remind me (and the world) why he continues to be an athlete who really needs to think more before talking.

    It wasn't enough that the four-time league MVP just carried his team on his back for a second-straight NBA title.

    Or that he's the greatest basketball player on the planet who makes a bajillion dollars.

    He just had to rub it all in by telling everyone in the world that he truly "ain't got no worries."

    Oh really Bron? Who would have ever guessed that?

    Annoyance Level: 7.8

Serena Williams

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    I'm not sure what it is about her, but I've always had a little beef with tennis icon Serena Williams.

    There you go. The cat's out of the bag.

    In her latest example of pissing me off, she had some less than thoughtful words on a number of topics during a Rolling Stone interview last week, forcing her to bite her tongue and apologize to main competitor Maria Sharapova.

    Serena's one of the most opinionated women's tennis players in the world, so I don't imagine this little hiccup will shut her up anytime soon.

    Annoyance Level: 8

Any ESPN Analyst Not Named Barry Melrose

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    If there's one thing that the "Worldwide Leader" got right over the past decade, it was giving esteemed hockey analyst Barry Melrose his own segment.

    Not many Americans care as much about hockey as other mainstream sports, but I can guarantee that every sports fan is happy when SportsCenter heads to the "Levy Lounge" to speak with Melrose.

    All the other guys on ESPN?

    No talent ass-clowns compared to Melrose.

    Annoyance Level: 8.5

Magic Johnson

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    I have absolute, mad respect for Hall of Fame point guard Magic Johnson for everything he did to revolutionize his position and for winning five NBA titles during his playing career, but it's for what he says when wearing a suit and tie that makes me dislike him.

    Magic is a known bandwagon supporter.

    From his "insight" about the Lakers, to his proclamation that anyone he's talking to on air is the greatest thing since sliced bread, Johnson can't be taken seriously with his analysis.

    His interview here with LeBron came after he suggested that Dwyane Wade was the "most selfless player in sports."

    Annoyance Level: 8.8

Alex Rodriguez

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    Finally! Someone had the balls to tell the highest paid athlete in pro sports to shut his yapper—even though it was unfortunately his boss.

    Alex Rodriguez has been in the spotlight ever since he was drafted No. 1 overall at 18 years old, putting together a likely Hall of Fame career.

    But it's safe to say that his antics and self-entitlement has reached its peak.

    Annoyance Level: 9.2

Johnny Manziel

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    Maybe it's just me, but I'm completely over the honeymoon period for reigning Heisman winner Johnny Manziel.

    Since winning the damn thing, his celebrity has blown up, his ego's been inflated bigger than a balloon at the Thanksgiving Day parade and he's said things that seem to just stir up a reaction.

    This kid is already getting Tebow-esque treatment, and we still have at least one more year of him before his decision to stay the party boy college kid or a party boy NFL player.

    Just make it stop already.

    Annoyance Level: 9.5

Draft Experts

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    Now I'm not saying that these guys don't know a lot about football, or that they just pull names out of a hat and throw darts at the wall to determine their mock drafts, but how much credibility should we really put in them?

    Draft "experts" for any sport work hard and dig deep to scout the top talent, but if you skip to the 1:05 mark of that Kiper and McShay video, you'll see that none of Mel's picks were accurate!

    Given those results, why do we all still waste time relying on these guys to feed our draft appetites?

    Annoyance Level: 9.8