New Hybrid Sport FootGolf Is a Combination of Soccer, Golf and Awesomeness

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterApril 24, 2013

Half soccer, half golf and 100 percent the best thing you’ll see today.

The game is called footgolf (or “Footee” to some) and has been around “since forever,” according to the AFGL, the American FootGolf League.  

As you’d imagine, footgolf combines the basic principles of golf, but replaces some of the equipment particulars (i.e. golf clubs, golf balls) with the players’ legs and a soccer ball.  

While still relatively small-scale, the game is starting to gain some major traction. Hungary just held the FootGolf World Cup in 2012, and it was amazing.

Yeah, this stuff is swanky. It even features golf bunnies.

And it’s only getting bigger. According to the AFGL website, the sport has spread to nearly 30 countries across the world, which play by different sets of rules.  

For those in the United States, footgolf is played only on golf courses (naturally) and league games adhere strictly to AFGL rules, which require players to play in a collared shirt, indoor soccer shoes and argyle socks.  

In the USA, the game is played au naturale—just the footgolfers and the course. In other countries, the game can feature man-made obstacles, which players are not allowed to touch or move in their attempt to get the ball into the hole. 

Like golf, there are no referees hawking over the action , and the game relies on the integrity of the players to call their own violations. This could change, however, if the game gets as popular as golf. In which case, people would probably call in and report you for taking an illegal dropor for wearing improperly patterned socks.

Here’s another awesome footgolf video that features guys digging up a golf course and the song “Regulate” by Warren G, because I love you. 

All right, guys, time to hike up our argyle and head out to Vegas. They have a footgolf club out there, and what better place to enjoy what is obviously the best sport ever imagined?  

Footgolf just made my day: Dr__Carson

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