Virgin Become Brawn Gp's Title Sponsor

The Formula One TimesCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2009

Virgin today confirmed they would become the title sponsor of Brawn GP, and lead a revolution of clean fuel cars in F1.

The team name will not change for now, although it may in the near future. The car has had some Virgin logo's applied to it, but again a new look for the car won't come until Malaysia at the earliest.

Virgin has invested heavily in American company called Gevo, which aims to create clean fuels for sports - this is something Virgin see as very important. Sir Richard Branson was linked with a Honda F1 buyout, however the deal has ended in sponsorship for Brawn GP.

In an interview Branson said: "I am very, very excited to be here today," after jetting in from London "A few weeks ago I said that there were two preconditions for us to get involved with F1."

"One was that the costs of F1 should come down. It was just too expensive to get enough new entrants into the sport, and the second one was that F1 should be spear- heading a clean-fuel revolution."

"As you know, Bernie Ecclestone has announced that new entrants will be able to get into F1 at a much lower cost and that will encourage a lot of new companies to get involved in the sport and make it much more exciting. And the second was about clean fuels."

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Some slight hints that Virgin will be more involved in F1 than most sponsors, with fuels and possible a team next year?.

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