American Olympic Skiers Vonn and Miller Help Popularize Skiing

Stacey MicklesCorrespondent IIDecember 18, 2012

AL D'ISERE, FRANCE - DECEMBER 14: (FRANCE OUT) Lindsey Vonn of the USA goes out of the piste  during the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Women's Downhill on December 14, 2012 in Val d'Isere, France. (Photo by Alain Grosclaude/Agence Zoom/Getty Images)
Alain Grosclaude/Agence Zoom/Getty Images

Once thought of as just an Olympic sport, skiing has become very popular.

How popular? There are several sites, magazines and even TV shows devoted to the art of skiing. Just like Tiger Woods' impact drew more people into the game of golf; names like American Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn's have made skiing more popular not only among adults, but children as well.

Vonn, who won gold and bronze in Vancouver back in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, has become very popular in her sport, and she has become the face of American skiing.

Now, more and more people are taking up skiing as a fun hobby. Families, instead of taking beach trips, are now taking ski vacations to places like Vail and Aspen, Colorado or Park City, Utah  just to name a few.

Ski resorts are popping up all over the place offering great deals for families. Part of the skiing experience these days is taking lessons.

There are several types of skiing:

These skiing methods are under two categories: Alpine and Nordic style.

Downhill, Freestyle and Heli-skiing all fall under Alpine. Alpine originated in Europe and is characterized by fixed-heel bindings that attach at both the toe and the heel of the skier's boot—this type of skiing normally takes place on a drop slope.

Nordic skiing was invented in Scandinavia by the Europeans as a way of travel. Cross-Country, Telemark and Backcountry Skiing, all fall under this category.

Most of these types of skiing are all featured in the Winter Olympics. American skiers Vonn and Bode Miller both won Olympic medals in the Super G, which stands for Super Giant Slalom—the Super G is a Downhill race.

As more and more people learn how the ski, the popularity of the sport will continue to grow and that is good news for those throughout the ski industry.