Paul Pierce of the Boston Celtics Talks Holiday Traditions with Bleacher Report

Mike Walsh@WalshWritesCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2012

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On Sunday, Dec. 9, Paul Pierce teamed up with American Express outside Faneuil Hall in Boston to raise money for the Toys for Tots Foundation.

Bleacher Report was lucky enough to be granted some time with the Celtics' superstar before he was inundated with autographs and photos from a never-ending stream of fans and supporters.

For every American Express Gift Card sold at the event, $10 was donated to Toys for Tots. Pierce was on scene from 12:30-2:00 p.m. greeting a slew of Bostonians out doing their holiday shopping.

We spoke with Pierce, who is spending his 15th holiday season in Boston, about what kind of traditions he enjoys most during the holiday season. 

Bleacher Report: So Paul, we know you can get really into Halloween. You've dressed up with your family and teammates as the Power Puff Girls, a frog and Buzz Lightyear. Do you ever don costumes at this time of year?

Paul Pierce: Actually, I do. I dress up as Santa and my daughters dress dress up as little helpers and we even put reindeer outfits on the dogs!

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B/R: Awesome! So what is the No. 1 thing on Paul Pierce's Christmas List?

PP: Oh man, the top thing on my Christmas List is probably just to win another NBA Championship.

B/R: Is there any sort of gift-giving that goes on between your teammates on the Boston Celtics?

PP: Yeah, we do a Secret Santa every year. We throw everybody's name in the hat and pick them out and exchange gifts that way. It helps all of us get into the Christmas spirit.

B/R: Of your teammates, who is the toughest to buy for?

PP: Probably Kevin Garnett. You know, we feel like he has everything anyway. Plus, he's so tall it isn't like you can find any clothes or shoes for him. You really don't know what to get a guy like that, who has everything.

B/R: On the other side, who gives the best gifts?

PP: Kevin Garnett again. Last year he gave someone a computer, so I'm hoping he picks my name this year.

B/R: How about an American Express Gift Card. Do you think that is something Kevin can still use?

PP: Yeah definitely, maybe we can give some out to these fans today. A lot of them are out here doing some good shopping for their families.

B/R: This is your 15th holiday season in Boston. Are there any traditions in the area that you just can't miss?

PP: I always like to ride around the city and see the lights. If you go down to Boston Commons and here in Faneuil Hall they put up pretty lights. I take my kids around and show them the lights. It really gets you into the Christmas spirit. I just wish there was some snow on the ground, because that is what really gets you into the spirit.

B/R: You've had to play on a couple Christmases in the past and are heading to Brooklyn this year to take on the Nets. Do you have any specific memories of Christmases past?

PP: I mean, you wish you were at home with your family, but you've got a job to do. It is always fun to play on Christmas, since you know everybody is home watching you. The past couple years we've lost on Christmas, so hopefully we can get a win this year. We want to keep everyone in Boston's spirits up.

B/R: We've got a couple quick hits for you. First off; real or fake tree?

PP: We have a fake tree right now.

[Fans groan]

PP: Well, we have a real and a fake tree. We've got one of each so the real one goes outside and we have the fake one in the house.

B/R: How about egg nog, are you a fan?

PP: Actually I am. When I was a kid it was always in the house. My mom always had it around so I drink it here and there.

B/R: Any holiday favorites for movies and music?

PP: Well, A Christmas Story is my favorite Christmas movie. And Jingle Bells, of course.

B/R: Where have you done your shopping in Boston over the years?

PP: As a rookie, Copley Mall was the only mall I knew how to get to.

B/R: The Boston Celtics have had excellent chemistry over the past few years. How do you feel the spirit of teamwork extends outwards into charitable organizations like Toys for Tots this time of year?

PP: I think the Ubuntu spirit is what these types of holidays are all about. It is about giving, togetherness and making the people around you better. Ubuntu is about a community coming together to help one another. That is what these holidays should always be about.

B/R: Alright that's it, thanks a lot, Paul.

PP: Thanks!

Bleacher Report would like to thank American Express, the Toys for Tots Foundation and Paul Pierce for the opportunity speak with the future Hall of Famer.

Be sure to check out the excellent work Toys for Tots does and pick up some American Express Gift Cards to stuff in those stockings.

May the holidays be as good to all of you as Kevin Garnett is to his teammates.

Happy Holidays!

This interview was conducted, edited and condensed by Michael Walsh. You can listen to the audio interview in it's entirety here.


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