AJ Lee: The WWE's Most Dominant Performer in 2012

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIDecember 13, 2012


Regardless of what happens on Sunday night in Brooklyn at the TLC pay-per-view, the 2012 WWE wrestling year has already been cemented as "The Year of AJ Lee."

Where in any other point in time has a woman wrestler/girlfriend/general manager/crazy chick (that's a mouthful) excelled in a traditionally male-dominated "sport" in such a fashion that she is the "must-see television" of the night?

Forget about the reign of CM Punk or the return of The Rock to the Royal Rumble or the emergence of Ryback and The Shield. Miss Lee has them beaten by a mile, and then some.

From her rise in the ranks of the Divas division to her association with the major male upstarts of the WWE this year, it can honestly be said that the WWE is better for Lee's part in plot lines, regardless of how "odd" they have been.

And she hot as hell, too. That doesn't hurt in the least bit.

She started out dating Daniel Bryan, was injured when Bryan used her to retain his World Title from Big Show and then she "cost" Bryan the World Title at WrestleMania 28 (in 18 seconds I might add) with the "kiss" heard round the wrestling world.

Then, she started this cautionary flirtation with CM Punk when Bryan left her high and dry and proceeded to continue to paw at Bryan as well. Add Kane to the mix (who should have wound up with the girl in the first place), and it was one hellacious Love Connection. (For those of you who do not know about Love Connection, google it.)

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Lee's travels took her to a marriage proposal to Punk and a marriage proposal from Daniel Bryan. A whirlwind engagement took place that saw her leave Bryan at the alter (with Slick as the officiant) and accept Vince McMahon's offer to be the new Raw general manager.

I need a drink of water. Hold on here. Is everyone with me so far? It's getting better.

As Raw's general manager, she called a correct title match between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, muffed on a title match involving CM Punk, John Cena and the Big Show and hired referee Brad Maddox along the way (I am sure Ryback is pleased with that). She then toiled in management hell and led the life of a crazy chick. 

I wonder if CM Punk still likes crazy chicks. I mean how often do you see a crazy chick skip to the ring in a blue wrestling outfit that shows off her cute curves?

But I will stay focused on the column here. Where was I?

Now, in the later stage of the year, our favorite Diva (at least mine) is caught in a love connection with everyone's Tim Tebow, John Cena, where we have seen more than enough flirtation there to assume the two like each other, at least in wrestling terms.

Maybe Nikki Bella will have something to say about it. Anyone care to dance?

And with the upcoming PPV where her beau Cena is wrestling Dolph Ziggler, something is bound to happen. We all know how Lee tends to like "crazy" guys, and add the fact that Vickie Guerrero beat her on Monday with the help of her favorite referee, Brad Maddox, you can almost guarantee the match for the MITB contract will not be settled until our little angel has something to say about it.

Yep, I'd say for someone who looks as innocent and petite as a high school cheerleader, AJ Lee has this year's dominance award in the bag.

And we haven't finished the wrestling calendar yet. There still could be more to come.

I guess we should brace ourselves for Sunday.