NY Jets Get Destroyed by Fans During Halftime, Tim Tebow Still Revered

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 27, 2012

One look at the brutal reception fans gave the Jets on Thanksgiving makes you realize that everyone has pretty much given up on this team.

Well, except for that Tim Tebow guy—they still like him. 

Big Lead Sports spotted a wonderful video of what is pretty much the lowest point for the New York Jets this season. 

That's a pretty lofty statement, considering this is the same squad that managed a butt fumble for a touchdown

You will see and hear what I mean with this video, which also includes some moments of NSFW language. Jets players may want to look away as well. 

There you see the Jets going into the locker room on Thanksgiving during halftime, when they were losing to the Patriots 35-3. 

At the 18-second mark, the chants of "garbage" turn to sugar-sweetened pleas for dear ol' Tebow, as if he would make anything better. 

Over the Thanksgiving break, I spent a great deal of time with in-laws and my own family, as well as the families of friends. 

I was shocked to find out that people still believe Tebow can raise the Jets from the horrible depths to which they've fallen.

And it's not just fans of Gang Green. A good portion of everyone out there really believes the season would have been very different in the hands of a quarterback who doesn't throw. 

I guess that when all you see is trash, the empty milk carton starts to look far better than it should. 

This video is one-part horrible season and one-part rabid fanbase. When you stir in the expectations Rex Ryan gleefully built up around him for the last few years, you get this awful display of disrespect. 

The fans have had it, and we still have five games left. 

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