Breaking Down New Maryland 'Black Ops' Football Uniforms

Tyler Conway@jtylerconwayFeatured ColumnistNovember 14, 2012

Photo Credit: ESPN's Darren Rovell
Photo Credit: ESPN's Darren Rovell

After already unveiling their beloved "White Ops" digs earlier in the season, the Maryland Terrapins and Under Armour have released photos of the team's new "Black Ops" uniforms, which will be worn Saturday against No. 10 Florida State.

In what can only be deemed the coincidence of the century, the school somehow made this shrewd move the same week that the wildly popular video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II hit stores. Yep, it was not at all carefully planned from the beginning.

Nevertheless, following the rousing success of the White Ops digs, you cannot blame Maryland for trying again. This is a school that has become synonymous with Under Armour's innovative looks. And this release will certainly get the Terrapins in the news far more often than your average 4-6 squad.

With that in mind, how do these uniforms grade out? Here is a complete breakdown of Maryland's Black Ops look.

Helmet: 9.5/10

Saturday's contest will be played at 12 p.m., meaning we should have plenty of daylight to admire these helmets all game long. Designed with the school's logo in mind, these are eye-popping and mesh perfectly with the overall design.

What's more, the designers did not simply rest on the rarity of an all-black helmet. The intricate design and colorway is what separates this from your standard look.

You may need to look closely to see it on your television, but in pictures, the unbelievable work Under Armour did on these helmets really stands out.

Jersey: 10/10

While the helmet is certainly worthy of praise, this jersey design makes me want to buy a replica, and I have no ties to Maryland whatsoever.

From the way the gold stands out in the numbering and the red with the lettering, the designers did a wonderfully understated job here. Obviously the star here is the all-black theme, but without the lettering, these had the risk of becoming a cheap knock-off that you would find at a Goodwill store.

It also goes without saying that the design on the shoulder pads is fantastic. It works in perfect accordance with the helmet design and shows how committed the school was to keeping an honorary framework. 

Pants: 8/10

Obviously, there isn't much the designers could do with the pants without ruining the overall theme. Still, the etching of the state flag on the hip is a great touch that wasn't necessary but shows this was a design unique to Maryland.

Additionally, the pants work as part of the whole. We've seen some crazy attempts to make the pants into their own entity to varying success in recent years. But what Under Armour did here was simplistic and well done.

They aren't wow-worthy, but the pants do their job. 

Overall: 9.5/10

Outside of the traditionally great designs, you're going to have a hard time finding a better uniform than Maryland's Black Ops look.

Much like it did with the previously released White Ops uniforms, Under Armour took its time and truly crafted something special here. The look is not only eye-catching and unique, but it also honors the school in ways that one-off iterations usually would not. 

In an era where schools keep churning out new jerseys and uniforms, Maryland continues to stakes its claim alongside Oregon as the most forward-thinking schools in the nation. It may not mean much on the football field now, but there are future football players who will look at innovation like this and start looking at the Terrapins as an up-and-coming team.


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