Grading Boston College, Hawaii Under Armour Uniforms for Wounded Warrior Project

Randy ChambersAnalyst IOctober 26, 2012

Grading Boston College, Hawaii Under Armour Uniforms for Wounded Warrior Project

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    Another week of college football and two more programs switching up their wardrobes.

    This time it will be both Boston College and Hawaii that will support the Wounded Warrior Project by wearing specially designed uniforms. The Eagles will wear theirs this weekend against Maryland, while the Warriors will wait until Nov. 24 against UNLV to debut their special apparel.ย 

    Whether you like the new changes or not, it is all for a great cause to help raise awareness and support the United States military. And who knows, maybe a change in uniform is exactly what both of these programs need, as they have both struggled all year long to win football games.

    Let's check out the latest changes and hand out grades for the newest uniforms in college football.


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    I'm not really a fan of the black and green that Hawaii wears each week, but I absolutely love black jerseys, so the change for the Warriors is considered an upgrade.

    Boston College is rocking its typical white jersey, which features an American flag across the shoulder pads and the name of the program above the numbers on the front.

    The biggest change with the jerseys is that the names on the back will be replaced with core value declarations. But all jerseys will be auctioned off at the end of each game, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.

    How can you even critique these uniforms when it is all for a good cause at the end of the day?

    Grade: B


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    Boston College tight end C.J. Parsons tweeted a picture of the cleats that both schools will be wearing with their special uniforms. They go perfectly with both jerseys and are everything you would expect from a uniform that is paying tribute to our nation and the veterans that help protect this country.

    The way the American flag is spread out throughout the shoe is pretty neat and is probably the best part of the uniform overall. These are cleats that you would be able to wear weekly and get away with it because they are that sharp looking.

    Grade: A

Wow Factor

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    Wow-factor can be both good and bad; it just depends on the person looking at the uniforms. For us, we're looking to be blown away and in amazement of the new digs.

    The jerseys on both sides are pretty fresh, but the helmet is a little weird looking with an American flag stripe running down the middle.

    But what would you actually expect from a uniform like this?

    I wasn't shocked when I saw the change, but I didn't get sick to my stomach at the same time. I canโ€™t say the same thing when I saw these. This is just your typical uniform that is part of the Wounded Warrior Project.

    Grade: C


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    It's hard imagining there is any tradition left in college football with every program wearing different uniforms every other week. But if there are two programs that could get away with something like this, I would think it would be Boston College and certainly Hawaii.

    After all, this isn't Notre Dame, Michigan or Alabama we are talking about.

    The uniforms are not sticking to traditional style, but that's what you should have expected when it came to something that would help benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. I think these two programs can push the traditional side of things to the side for one week and get away with it.

    Grade: C


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    It really depends how you want to look at these uniforms. If you want to take them much more seriously than they are, you are probably going to be disappointed and you will think negatively about them. If you look at these as helping a good cause, you are one of the few that is OK with the change for a week.

    Either way, we have seen players wear much uglier in the past, and there have been uniforms that have been much more impressive. Considering the fact that it is for a good cause, everybody should be fine with it and consider it a win for everybody.

    If it helps out people who have made sacrifices for our country, players could wear clown costumes, and it would be perfectly fine by me.

    Grade: A


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