Nascar and Music: A Match Made In Victory Lane

Amanda BradeenCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

Nascar and music go hand in hand. Whether it is a driver in a music video, a song about racing or a driver singing, it makes all Nascar fans come together.

Here is a list of some songs and videos you may or may not have realized:

The Nascar Song—Tim Wilson

The first line of this song is: She named me DaledarrellwaltriprichardpettyrustyBillIrvineGordonEarnhardtsmithJohnsonJr I guess you could say mama was a Nascar fan.

That just automatically says Nascar fan.

For more information about this song go to http://www.imeem.com/cfbookchick/music/p5QmBbaC/tim-wilson-the-nascar-song/

I love Nascar—Cledus T. Judd. One word; Hilarious

The Race is On—George Jones

Dedicated to Nascar Fans—T Graham Brown

NASCAR Love (Let's Go Racing Boys)—Toby Lightman. This song has quickly become the 08-09 Nascar theme song.

There is a band called Drivin' Sideways, and their CD has the best Nascar songs with titles including: What else Would I do on Sunday and Racetrack Romance.

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Though there are many other songs, I just wanted to give a brief list of some of my favorites.

Now the music videos. By far the most famous driver for music videos is Dale Earnhardt Jr whose list includes:

Sheryl Crow—Steve McQueen

Trace Adkins—Rough and Ready

O.A.R—Right on Time


Kid Rock—Warrior

Three Doors Down—The Road I'm On, also including Tony Stewart.

Jay-Z—Show Me What you Got, also starring Danica Patrick.

Dale Jr has become quite the celebrity with music and videos.

As long as there is racing, there will be a fan writing a heart felt or hilarious song about it!

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