Craziest Athlete Parties

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterSeptember 5, 2012

Craziest Athlete Parties

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    Fame, wealth, innate physical talent. Put these three elements together and you have a creature designed for six-figure bar tabs and Instagram photos at the club with Jay-Z. So it's no surprise that some of best athletes in the world know how to party.

    While most of us reached the pinnacle of our partying days when we stood around and drank cheap light beer from red plastic cups, the biggest names in sports have found another way to remind us mortals that they live in a vastly different universe. 

    Thanks to the rise of smartphone cameras and Twitter, the epic partying of your favorite players and competitors is being documented in almost real-time. 

    These are the 20 Craziest Athlete Parties.

20. LeBron Loving London, Living It Up After Winning Gold

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    I don't care if you love him or hate him; you simply cannot deny that 2012 has been the year of LeBron James. LeBron partied his face off with his Miami Heat after winning the NBA Championship and then quickly shifted gears into Olympic mode. 

    Naturally, the U.S. men's national basketball team won gold at the 2012 Olympics in London, and it looks like not too many athletes partied harder after the team's big win than LeBron. He's even doing the patented ugly drunk girl move of dancing on the table!

19. Dwight Freeney Attends Ne-Yo's Big Apple Birthday Bash

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    You have to be a pretty big deal to get invited to Ne-Yo's birthday party. Which means the Colts longtime linebacker Dwight Freeney is a pretty big deal—on and off the field. 

18. British Cyclist Dani King's Olympic Full Moon

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    Everyone knows the real events at the 2012 Olympics in London took place after dark at the city's countless hotspots. There were countless photos of various athletes enjoying a night out on the town, but some did it in grander fashion than others. 

    One of those who did it up right was British cyclist Dani King, who won gold at the games. King took to the streets with fellow athletes Sophie Hosking, Jean Basson and Katya Bachrouch. But it was only King who celebrated sans pants. 

17. Metta World Peace's Vegas Birthday Bash

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    Anyone surprised that the Lakers' Metta World Peace celebrated his January birthday in Las Vegas with thousands of his closest friends obviously doesn't know a damn thing about Metta World Peace. 

    Honestly, this may be his birthday party, but it doesn't look all that different than the way he spends the majority of NBA offseasons. 

16. (A) Tyler Seguin Celebrates the Stanley Cup with a Full Bottle of Vodka

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    After the Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011, most of the team spent the next three months living life like it would end tomorrow. Chief among them had to have been (then) 19-year-old Tyler Seguin. 

    Seguin drank vodka straight from the bottle, straight out of the Stanley Cup and likely straight out of the navel of every hot broad in sight at this party. 

16. (B) the Bruins Celebrate Their Stanley Cup in Style

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    Tyler Seguin wasn't the only member of the Bruins who celebrated with copious amounts of booze and broads. The team hit up Club Shrine at Foxwoods, Stanley Cup in hand, and drank the night away from a champagne bottle that rivaled the cup in size. 

    Much of the celebration was caught on tape. Oh, and so was the tab! The damage? A whopping $150,000 large. 

15. Jeff Reed Does the Opposite of Ruin a Wedding

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    Everyone knows that NFL free-agent kicker Jeff Reed is a stone-cold party animal. Photos of him half-naked, donning much more than a bib and a smile in Las Vegas have been circulating the Interwebs for years. But you've all seen those photos, which makes them lame. 

    I once partied, albeit briefly, with Jeff Reed prior to a friend's wedding in Pittsburgh. Reed was having his annual Memorial Day freak fest down on the South Side and he was cool enough to invite us over for some pre-wedding shots and pose for some photos with the wedding party. 

    The best part, though? He had the DJ play Billy Idol's "White Wedding" when we arrived. Seriously; I'll remember that on my deathbed. 

14. LeBron's Baller Birthday Bash

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    As if anyone needed more proof that 2012 was the year of LeBron. Check out these pictures from LeBron's 27th birthday party in July 2012. 

    LeBron celebrated his milestone-less birthday at the Coco de Ville Lounge in Miami's swanky Gansevoort Hotel. On hand for the festivities were members of the Heat as well as Fabolous, Young Jeezy and Drake. 

13. Jay Cutler's Drinking Face

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    Listen. I know this is going to sound kind of mean, but I just really hate Jay Cutler's face. I don't even really have a problem with him as a human being or the Bears in general, but Cutler's face really just rubs me the wrong way. 

    And there's no time when Cutler's face looks more Cutleresque than when he's spent an evening knocking back shots. Who knows what the Bears' soggy-faced quarterback was celebrating in May 2009, and who cares?

    Let's just be thankful that some good Samaritan caught his drunken, squinty-eye antics on film. 

12. Matt Stafford's Bro-Tastic Bro Gathering of Bros [and Broads]

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    In this unfair world we live in, there are "haves" and "have nots."

    Lions stud quarterback Matthew Stafford is definitely a "have." The quarterback was drafted out of Georgia, where he was basically the king of the university. 

    And this is how he spends his Fourth of July's.

    Broads: Check!
    Bros: Check!
    Brew: Check!
    Beer Bongs: Check! 

    Am I jealous? Check!

11. Sean Avery Definitely Smells a Pork Product of Some Type

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    Who knew a marginally-talented hockey player with a passion for women's clothes and starting bitch cat fights on Twitter threw such entertaining parties? I assumed any party Sean Avery had involved he and Henrik Lundqvist sitting alone at a bar spending the night sipping apple martinis and complimenting each other on their outfits. 

    But apparently, Avery knows has been known to throw some real ragers at his Hollywood home. In August 2011, the LAPD responded to a noise complaint at Avery's pad, and the infamous Rangers agitator was none too happy about the visit from the boys in blue. 

    In fact, he was so angry about it that he went full-on Wayne's World, referring to the cops as "fat little pigs" before assaulting an officer and slamming the door in his face. Sounds like it was one hell of a party, especially because it ended with Sean Avery in the slammer. 

10. Casey Hampton Shows Some Skin

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    The world would be a less hilarious place without the amazing people at This picture of Steelers nose tackle Casey Hampton is one of the greatest party pictures in sports. "Big Snack" really covers all the comedy bases: 

    1. Fat guy 
    2. No shirt 
    3. Drinking street from a bottle 
    4. Dancing on a table 
    5. Pants that hang well below his bellow button 
    6. A man holding his belly

9. Javon Walker Celebrates by Dousing Strangers with Alcohol

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    Former NFL player Javon Walker is as well-known for his infamous champagne incident as he is for anything he did on the field.

    In 2008, TMZ ran photos of Walker dousing strangers at a club with bottle after bottle of champagne. 

    Ever the big spender, Walker didn't go with the cheap stuff despite the fact that he might as well have been dumping it down the toilet. Nope! Walker opted for $15,000 worth of Dom Perignon. 

    Hours later, Walker was found unconscious on a Las Vegas intersection. 

8. Gronk Has a Predictably Gronktastic Spring Break

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    If you were wondering how Patriots superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski spent spring break 2012, well, wonder no more! He spent it exactly how you imagined. 

    Gronk hit hot spots all over the globe during the 2012 offseason, but in March, he did the spring break beer bong thing. He guest bartended, sweaty fist-pumped and probably went home with a lot of girls that looked better by the light of the moon. 

7. Ryan Lochte Behaves Like Ryan Lochte

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    American swimmer Ryan Lochte made headlines around the globe during the 2012 Olympics in London. Many of which were from his impressive medal haul, but most were from his antics. Everything from his ridiculous grill, his one-night stands and, of course, his partying. 

    Like many athletes, Lochte took to the streets of London to enjoy his Olympics experience. But there weren't any athletes that were sweatier and looked like they were having a better time than Lochte. 

6. Matt Leinart: Backup Quarterback, Party Animal

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    I have no idea how former USC quarterback Matt Leinart had all the success he did quarterbacking for the Trojans. From what I can tell, the only thing he did besides play football was attend Beer Bong 101 and Banging Skanks 202. 

    Most of this list is focused on just one excellent adventure, but Leinart was at a different party with a different broad pretty much every night of the week. How can you pick just one?

5. Miami Heat Championship Party

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    After the year of crap they took for losing to the Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals, it's no wonder the Heat lived it up after defeating the formidable Thunder in the 2012 NBA Finals. 

    Honestly, I'm not cool enough to know what's going on in any of these pictures (besides the drinking, cause I can sure do that), but it all looks pretty awesome. 

    And something tells me those bottles of champagne aren't Andre. 

4. Patrick Kane Celebrates Cinco De Mayo with Dignity

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    In case you haven't heard, Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane like to party. Unlike most of us who like to rock 'n' roll all night and part of every day, Mr. Kane prefers to burn the candle at both ends. Kane has been spotted in various states of extreme inebriation for years, and it's always an entertaining show. 

    But it was his Cinco de Mayo antics at the University of Wisconsin in May 2012 that stand a cut above the rest. Actually, I'm not sure if that's even true—it's just his most recent sweaty drunken act of buffoonery. 

    Some athletes like to hit up the VIP rooms of the hottest clubs in the hottest cities. Others, like fratastic Patrick Kane, prefer block parties with keg stands and college kids. 

3. Vikings Love Boat Party

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    The Minnesota Vikings Love Boat Scandal was so salacious that someone with too much time on his hands decided it needed its own Wikipedia page. The scandal made national news and was one of the most buzzed-about happenings of the 2005 NFL season. 

    I'm not going to get into all the dirty details here, but I'll provide an overview of the plot. Basically, a bunch of Vikings starters rented a couple of houseboats and then they rented a bunch of prostitutes to fill said houseboats. Scandalous activity ensued. 

2. James Harden Sure Knows How to Kick Back

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    Ain't no party like a James Harden party because a James Harden party because breasts or beards are required for entry. No exceptions.

    Actually, I'm not entirely sure there are no exceptions, but from the looks of this picture, I'm assuming there was a specific dress code stated on the invitations. 

    This priceless photo was captured in August 2012, and it seems that Harden was blowing off some steam from a summer that was cut short with a deep run into the NBA playoffs and a trip to the Olympics. 

    Thanks to TheScore for sharing this blessing with the world. 

1. German Hockey Team's Party Bill: $630,000

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    In August 2012, the German national field hockey team won the gold medal in field hockey at the London Olympics. Winning an Olympic gold medal is always cause for celebration, even if it is just in field hockey, and so, the German field hockey team did just that. 

    I can understand them being on a high from their big win, but according to The Local, Germany's News in English, the boys got a little out of hand. 

    The team held their party on a cruise ship, and the damages to the vessel were substantial. The company claimed holes were burned in the paneling, panes of glass were broken and stains from spilled drinks were everywhere. Every piece of carpet and upholstery on the boat had to be replaced.

    Now that's what I call a party.

And That, as They Say, Is That!

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    Because I know how to party, as you can see.