Madden 13: Three Quarterbacks Who Will Prove to Be Overrated

Brooke Jordan@DJ_BJ08Correspondent IAugust 31, 2012

Madden 13: Three Quarterbacks Who Will Prove to Be Overrated

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    As Madden 13 hits the shelves, many people are anxious to see how players will perform.

    Each year, EA Sports releases rankings of all the NFL teams and players, both overall and within their specific position. While EA Sports is almost always accurate, every once in a while, they can give someone a little bit higher of a rating than they may deserve.

    Here are three quarterbacks that are overrated.

Eli Manning

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    Eli Manning was given an overall rating 97, ranking him fourth among all quarterbacks.

    While Manning is a very good, strong passer, he can be inaccurate at times and still throws head-scratching interceptions. His awareness is not exceptional, and when Eli gets in a slump, his confidence goes down too. He also is not as a big of a running threat as some other quarterbacks.

    Due to their recent Super Bowl victory, the New York Giants have seen their rankings increase, but they do not necessarily deserve it.

    So while Eli Manning has proven to be a top-tier passer in the league, an overall rating of 97 is a little too optimistic.

Tim Tebow

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    New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is perhaps the most overrated player in Madden 13.

    He has an overall rating of 77. Because Madden cannot account for luck, the developers decided to boost those skills of his which they can control. He has a throwing power of 87 and deep ball accuracy of 80.

    While Tebow has been working on his passing ability, it is still not that strong. His running ability is the only thing he has going for him.

    While the Jets are going with Mark Sanchez in real life, apparently the virtual world is favoring Tebow.

Michael Vick

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    Michael Vick has shown some weaknesses in the past couple of seasons. His power and accuracy has gone down, and the constant beating he is taking behind the Eagles' offensive line is wearing down his durability.

    Nonetheless, he is still fast and fun to watch.

    In Madden 13, Vick has an overall rating of a 89. His throwing power is a 97, the same as Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has an overall rating of 99.

    Vick may be strong, but his arm is not that strong. He has shown over and over that he is more likely to tuck-and-run than sit in the pocket and sling it downfield. Also, the inconsistency of his go-to target, DeSean Jackson, has eroded Vick's down-the-field effectiveness.

    While all of the other aspects of Michael Vick's game seem to be rated appropriately, the throwing power number makes Vick seem to be more of a pocket passer than he is in real life.