Robert Guerrero Speaks on Floyd Mayweather, TMT and Adrien Broner Twitter Beef

King J@@KingJ323Senior Writer IAugust 21, 2012

Photo By Naoki Fukuda - RINGTV.com
Photo By Naoki Fukuda - RINGTV.com

The following is an interview that took place between King J and Robert Guerrero, (on Monday August 20th, 2012) who had recently defeated Selcuk Aydin, after a 15-month lay off and a two-weight class jump up to welterweight on July 28th.


King J: Robert, first off congratulations on the unanimous decision victory over Selcuk Aydin. What grade would you give yourself based on your performance and why?

Robert Guerrero:  I would give myself a “C” because I could have done some things better in my fight with Aydin.  I was coming off a 15-month layoff and shoulder injury so there was some rust there.  Nonetheless, I got the win and I’m moving forward with my career.

King J: You proved a lot of critics wrong, the Showtime viewer poll even had the majority of the fans thinking you bit off more than you can chew jumping up two weight classes like you did. You were dominant, out-boxing and even out-classing Aydin for the majority of the fight, but towards the later rounds it seemed something slowed you down a bit? What exactly happened? 

Robert Guerrero:  Like I said, there was some ring rust there and I had to shake out the cobwebs.  After seeing the poll when I watched the fight on TV, I realized I did prove everyone wrong.  I now have the respect of the fans and everyone knows I’m worthy of fighting the best in the welterweight division. People must understand that I fought a fully-fledged welterweight that no one wanted to fight after a big layoff. 

In addition, I did it with no stipulations.  All these fighters are always putting stipulations in their contracts about catch weights, re-hydration weights, what gloves can and can’t be worn and so on.  I’m still making the adjustment to welterweight but I feel great here and I’m planning on staying here for the big mega-fights.

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There’s a reason Aydin’s been avoided, it’s because of his incredible punching power.  But God blessed me with a durable chin and I took his best shots.  In my opinion, I think Aydin will be a world champion someday.  I think he’ll be avoided though, because none of the fighters today are willing to step in there and take on the toughest challenges.

King J:  Last week I was scrolling through my Twitter time line and saw there was some Twitter beef or at least trash talking of some sort between you and Adrien Broner? I did not get to read the entire thing because I have this thing called a job, but from what I read it seemed like he was calling you out and then things turned into insults? What exactly went down between you two?

Robert Guerrero:  Yeah, Broner called out Pacquiao, Marquez and myself.  He’s doing everything he can to get himself some publicity and that’s fine, but I had to stand my ground and let the young pub know that I’m not one to be punked. He showed his low-class mentality using curse words to try to rile me up, but he only made himself look like a fool being that he is so disrespectful. 

If he’s willing to come up to 147, then I’m willing to put a beating on him and show him that he must respect his elders.  He talks a lot, but I don’t think his advisers will let him make that big of a jump. 

King J: Do you feel Broner is worthy of a fight with you, given some of what your tweets were about, how he is still untested and not as accomplished as you are, with your resume of elite opponents and several different world weight class titles?

Robert Guerrero:  He was boosting about beating Jason Litzau and Vicente Escobedo better than I did, whom we have both fought.  No disrespect to Litzau and Escobedo, but I told Broner it’s easy to break on egg once it’s already been cracked.  He showed he wasn’t professional in the Escobedo fight when he didn’t make weight.  Escobedo was drained out and had nothing left in the fight, Broner put it on him as he got to weigh in at his own discretion.

For some reason, everyone gave him a pass as if it was OK.  Like I said, he showed he’s not a true professional, and if he wants to get in the ring with me, then he needs to jump up to welterweight and fight a top-10 guy.  Matter of fact, he should fight Aydin, but I think Aydin will knock him out.

King J: Speaking of Twitter, about a few months ago you had about 20,000 followers, now you have over 150,000 and rising! How did you get so many followers in such a short span of time? I mean even Broner used his last fight's post-fight interview on HBO with Max Kellerman to tell everyone to follow him and he has like 10 percent of the amount of followers you have. Whats the secret, are you giving away free garlic to everyone or something?

Robert Guerrero:  I can’t call it, I just do all the interviews my publicist tells me to do and we’ve been making waves.  In addition, my wife’s story has resonated with general public and I’m getting a lot of support from people all over the world.  All I can say is God is great and I love my fans.

King J: After your fight you called out Mayweather, who is now released from prison, and has been remaining pretty quiet on what his next big move will be. Rumors are that he may rematch Miguel Cotto next? What is next for you then? 

Robert Guerrero: I’m a big believer in Jesus Christ and I just leave it all in God’s hands.  One thing I do know is, if I get the Mayweather fight, I’m going to shock the world and give boxing’s pound-for-pound king his first loss.

King J: What are your thoughts on Floyd's best friend, 50 Cent, and the Money Team promotions company? Do you feel they can help put on better fights for the fans? If they say, "Hey, you must sign with us first if you want to fight Floyd next," what would be your response?

Robert Guerrero:  Floyd and 50 Cent are very powerful people in entertainment; so to say they wouldn’t have a chance to be successful as boxing promoters would be foolish.  It’s hard to say if they would put on better fights for the fans because they will have to work harmoniously with all the other promoters.  If the best are to fight the best then all the promoters must work freely together. 

As far as signing with them, I’m loyal to my promoter Golden Boy Promotions and Oscar De La Hoya and I would let my management team decide what’s best for my career.  I think I’ve put myself in a great position to get a big mega-fight.

King J: So you just fought a few weeks ago, after an intense camp, where you were away from everyone (family, friends, etc.). Do you just relax and take it easy for now with your family and celebrate until your advisers can land your next fight?

Robert Guerrero:  After all media requests, TV, Radio etc…yeah that’s exactly what I do.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with my family.  My son just started playing football so that’s been fun.  Nothing is more important than family and that’s where I’ve been spending most of my time.

King J: The Shark Tank seems like a real live venue for fights. Why do you think that is? The local greater San Jose community seems to be made up of real true hardcore loyal fans. I have never been up there yet, can you possibly give me the "Garlic Ghost Pass" if I decide to come up there for the next big fight?

Robert Guerrero:  No doubt the Bay Area is incredible when it comes to its fans and the Shark Tank is no exception.  If I’m not mistaken, we have the most world champions in any region right now with Andre Ward, Nonito Donaire and I, along with a few female champions.  So boxing in the Bay Area is at an all-time high and the fans are getting to see great fights.  Not to mention MMA is huge in San Jose.

King J: Robert, thanks for taking the time to chat with us again and congrats on everything. I'll see you soon at the fights and hope to see you back in the ring ASAP adding to your legacy

Robert Guerrero: King J, my man, it’s always a pleasure doing interviews with you and the Bleacher Report.  I just want to thank the fans for all their support and I want to encourage everyone to go save a life at BeTheMatch.org.  It will only take a few minutes of your day.  Follow me on twitter @ghostboxing and facebook /ghostfans.  Thank you and God bless.


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