Chris Jericho's Devastating Manuver: The Codebreaker

Alberto CortezCorrespondent IFebruary 17, 2009

It is well known that I am a fan of Chris Jericho, whether he is a heel or face, but one cannot deny his technical in-ring savvy.

As impressive as his arsenal of moves is, including the Walls of Jericho, The Lionsault, Running Enzugiri, Running Bulldog, and Top Rope Missile Dropkick, none can compare to the awesomeness of the Codebreaker.

The Codebreaker is classified as a Double Knee Jawbreaker, a remix of Gregory Helms' Knee Facebuster, but much more sophisticated and effective.

A welcomed change from the Walls of Jericho, while a devastating submission in it's own right, yet not as satisfying as having your opponent laid out from a hard hitting finisher.

Jericho debuted his new finishing maneuver shortly after his Second Coming in a match against Santino Marella, many did not know what to make of the move, I for one at the time considered it very mediocre at best, but with time the finisher grew on me, as Jericho perfected its use.

What impressed me more than anything about his finisher is his ability to hit it out of nowhere, taking out the biggest names in wrestling in the meanwhile.

While it might not have the flash of the RKO, or the long track record of the Pedigree or Stunner, it will grow to be a force to be reckoned with.

If you doubt the power of the Codebreaker, look up some of Jericho's Most reccent matches:

  • He decisively hit The CodeBreaker on CM Punk mid-air to secure a spot for the Fatal-Four Way (prior to The Royal Rumble) which JBL later won (with help from HBK)
  • He later again beat CM Punk with a reversal to a pin attempt which led to yet another Codebreaker that led Jericho to qualify for the Elimination Chamber Match.
  • He made Kofi Kingston see stars in the six-man tag match on Raw a week ago in which Jericho caught Kofi with a reversal to Kofi's aerial attack, mid-air! Yes you better believe he hit The Codebreaker.
  • At the Elimination Chamber match he hit Codebreakers on Kane, Mike Knox, and John Cena which ended in eliminations for all three competitors.

The fact is the deadly maneuver works for the veteran ring general, it is his key to success, and that means more gold on the horizon for Jericho, and that's all right by me.


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