Minor League Baseball's Best Logos

Tim Stoeckle@@TimStoeckleContributor IIIJune 30, 2012

Minor League Baseball's Best Logos

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    Minor League Baseball has given us team names such as the Isotopes, Sea Dogs, Flying Squirrels, Blue Wahoos, Loons, Grasshoppers, Sand Gnats, Biscuits, Nuts, and Lugnuts. Names like these are part of what makes Minor League Baseball great.

    The team names are often named after something local, like an animal or food that is prominent in the area.

    But, to make this list you not only need a cool team name, but you also need an original and attention-grabbing logo. So, here are the ten best Minor League Baseball logos.

Burlington Bees

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    This is the first successful attempt of making a bee look cool. If you want something to compare it to, take a look at the Salt Lake City Bees logo and you'll see just how good Burlington's logo is.

    They were brave enough to use navy blue instead of the predictable black which, along with the yellow, is a great color combination.

    The "Bees" script is a classic look that ties the whole logo together.

New Hampshire Fisher Cats

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    Not only did this logo catch my attention, but it taught me a new animal.

    I assumed a fisher cat was just another name for a sea otter, but it is in fact an animal known as a fisher, which is in the weasel family. See, you read my articles and you learn about sports and nature.

    The color scheme was changed to red and blue in 2011 from green, yellow, and black, which I think was a mistake, but the logo is still awesome.

Jackson Generals

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    The color scheme makes this logo; green, black, and tan work great together.

    I'm trying to figure out where the bulldog fits in to the Generals team name, but I'll give it a pass because he's wearing an army hat which would be adorable in real life.

Augusta Greenjackets

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    This may be the best example in all of sports of a team using it's town as a basis for the team name.

    Augusta National Golf Course, located just about 2 miles from the Greenjackets stadium, is home to the Masters, where the winner is awarded a green jacket. So, the logo is a bee (or a yellow jacket) wearing a green jacket and holding golf clubs. Genius.

Lehigh Valley IronPigs

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    What the heck is an IronPig? Well, it's nothing. But, pig iron is used in the manufacturing of steel, which is a huge industry in Allentown, Pennsylvania, home of the IronPigs.

    Ownership brilliantly created a team name that payed homage to the Lehigh Valley area and is easily one of the most original in all of sports.

Toledo Mud Hens

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    One of the classic Minor League Baseball teams is the Toledo Mud Hens, who were founded way back in 1896.  The name came from the birds that lived in a swamp near the original stadium.

    Toledo modernized their logo in 2006 and that move made it one of the best in the minors. The wordmark is fantastic-looking and I love the somewhat subtle egg in the background.

Myrtle Beach Pelicans

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    The Pelicans logo is similar to the St. Louis Cardinals in that it has a bird standing on a baseball bat, which isn't a bad thing because I love the Cardinals logo.

    The wordmark just fits Myrtle Beach and the colors are beautiful with the dark blue, light blue combo that I'm always a fan of, plus the yellow that accents the blues perfectly.

    A pelican may not seem intimidating, but I would not want to mess with this bird.

Charlotte Stone Crabs

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    Not Charlotte, North Carolina, but Port Charlotte, Florida is the home to the Stone Crabs, where Florida stone crabs are feasted upon nightly at local restaurants.

    Charlotte does a great job linking to their MLB affiliate, the Tampa Bay Rays. Notice how they not only use Tampa's colors, but they include the Rays sunburst logo in the wordmark.

    Just look at the claws on that crab, I bet the meat in there is delicious.

Trenton Thunder

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    Yet another team with the two-tone blue and yellow color scheme makes my list. The Thunder adopted this logo in 2008, and it was a smart move.

    They do a great job of making the storm cloud still look like a cloud and not look ridiculous holding a baseball bat, which in this case is a lightning bolt.

    I bought a Thunder hat two summers ago and I don't know where it is; I'm still mad about that.

New Orleans Zephyrs

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    In 2010, the New Orleans Zephyrs changed their logo from a weird beaver/rat/otter looking animal to a simple fleur-de-lis with the middle portion being a baseball bat.

    This is an example of simple being better. The logo itself is simple and so is the color scheme.

    The only thing that isn't simple is the wordmark which is very cool and works well with the rest of the logo.

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