Serena Williams: Power Ranking Her Greatest Wimbledon Performances

Will Osgood@@BRwillosgoodAnalyst IJune 24, 2012

Serena Williams: Power Ranking Her Greatest Wimbledon Performances

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    Serena Williams has enjoyed great success at The Championships, Wimbledon at the All England Club in London.

    She has won the singles tournament four times (2002, 2003, 2009 and 2010) and partnered with her sister, Venus, to win the doubles tournament four other times—two of those in the same year as her singles wins (2002 and 2009)—the other two coming in 2000 and 2008. 

    In one sense, power ranking her performances is easy because there are so many good ones to choose from. But every win has its adversities and joys, making each one so special. Choosing between them can be quite tough. 

    I'm sure it would be even more difficult for Serena herself to power rank these. So I'll do it for her. 

7. Venus and Serena Take 2008 Title, Again

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    By no means is any title too eschewed, but if there were one that might get lost in the shuffle, it may the one Venus and Serena combined for in 2008. 

    Together, they played great tennis. But for Serena, it's almost certain she remembers Wimbledon 2008 more for her loss to her sister in the singles final than winning the doubles championship. 

    Of course, for Venus, it becomes that much more impressive to win both titles in the same year. 

6. Venus Beats Her Sister Again (2008)

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    It's amazing how many times the two have matched up against one another at The Championships, Wimbledon (I like saying that). 

    Though Serena didn't capture the title in 2008, this was another final Wimbledon tournament for her. 

5. Sisters' Doubles Win in 2002

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    Every win is sweet, no matter the opponent and how many times a player has done it. 

    Look at their smiles. They look very happy I say. We can judge based on that; can we not? 

    It may not be Serena's best win at Wimbledon, but it was a good one. 

4. Venus and Serena Combine for Their Fourth Doubles Title (2009)

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    Four doubles titles: impressive. 

    Since the two are likely on the back end of their careers, individually and as playing partners, it was likely the last one. And the last one will be the sweetest when they look back at their careers, individually and as playing partners. 

    At least that's the way many athletes would remember their victories. 

    What made this one perhaps even more memorable for Serena is because she also won the singles title. That's quite a championship, especially at the advanced age of 28. 

3. Venus and Serena Strike Doubles Gold for the First Time (2000)

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    Sometimes, the first time is the best time. There are several phenomenons in this world in which that is true. 

    In the world of sports, there are small-scale examples of this: first hit, first home run, first goal, first touchdown, etc. And there are larger-scale examples: first championship, first All-Star Game appearance, first MVP, etc. 

    For the sisters, 2000 was the first Wimbledon victory for either of them, though Venus would go on to win the singles tournament that year as well. 

    For Serena, it was just her second time winning at a Grand Slam event (previously won at the 1999 U.S. Open). 

    That's pretty great timing on their part. 

2. Her Likely Final Championship at Wimbledon in 2010

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    Serena Williams won a dramatic Wimbledon final over Vera Zvonareva to capture her fourth individual Wimbledon title. It will likely be her last, though she is still one of the best players in women's tennis. 

    What made this performance spectacular isn't necessarily that she won so many great matches, but looking back at who she beat to get there, the names are quite impressive. 

    She had a fourth-round win over Maria Sharapova. She also beat Petra Kvitova. Both players today are among the finest players in tennis. 

    At the time, neither were quite the names (or at least in Sharapova's case playing the way she is now), but Serena defeating them is special in hindsight. 

1. Back-to-Back Williams Sisters Finals (2002-03)

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    In 2002 and 2003, the Williams sisters (Venus and Serena) battled for the right to be called Wimbledon champion. In both years, Serena took the crown over her older sister. 

    Remember also, this is when the two sisters were the two best players in the world and were dominating women's tennis. Their battles were borderline-epic and definitely made tennis more interesting. 

    That Serena won the first match makes this one of her finest performances. And the 2003 win over Venus was certainly not a bad finish, especially against the world's other best player, and her sister. 


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