Breaking Down New Nike Air Yeezy 2 Shoes

Adam Wells@adamwells1985Featured ColumnistJune 8, 2012

Courtesy of Freshness Mag
Courtesy of Freshness Mag

Following the successful collaboration between Nike and Kanye West with the Air Yeezy shoes, it is no surprise to see the Air Yeezy 2 make its way into stores just three years later. 

The new kicks have been talked about since the first pair dropped, with Kanye wearing a mysterious pair of Nike shoes in the "Black Mamba" commercial with Kobe Bryant. 

After all that speculation, the shoes arrive in stores on Saturday, June 9 for the retail price of $245. To whet your appetite for this footwear, we wanted to provide an in-depth breakdown of the new Air Yeezy 2. 

"WOW" Factor: 9 out of 10

Everything in sports fashion today is all about finding that right balance between the old school, retro-look and present style. It is a very tricky thing to pull off, but when you do, the results can be aces. 

You want something that is going to smack your friends in the face when you walk into a room, and the Air Yeezy 2 definitely does that. It has the big, over-the-top style that has become a trademark of Nike and Kanye's style. 

Trust me, that is not a derogatory statement. It takes a lot for a shoe to grab your attention right off the bat. Looking at it, you can see how these shoes will do that. 

Courtesy of Hype Beast
Courtesy of Hype Beast

Design: 8 out of 10

While I do like the way these shoes capture your eye right away, I do think there is a little too much going on with these shoes. 

It looks like Kanye, Nike and the designers wanted to take the top half of those shoes Marty McFly had in Back to the Future II, with a new-wave toe to finish it off. 

Courtesy of Hype Beast
Courtesy of Hype Beast

Much like that movie, the Air Yeezy 2 tries to go bigger, badder and darker than the terrific original. It works in some areas, but there is such a thing as being too over the top. Subtlety is a lost art with these shoes. 

I do like the design, it just seems to be too much, at least for my taste. 

Overall Swag Grade: 9.5 out of 10

Courtesy of Sneaker News
Courtesy of Sneaker News

Despite my slightly chilly response to the design, it is hard to beat all the things that the shoe has going for it. In addition to being designed by Kanye and released by Nike, it just has the look and feel of something special you need to put on your feet. 

It is like the movie that everyone in the world has seen, told you how awesome it is and you need to go see it. I also like that these aren't like most of your Nike shoes, where they go more for fashion than athletics. 

They are something new and different for a company that doesn't have to try new things, but wants to in order to keep evolving. 


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