Shin-Kicking Video: Watch British Men Kick the Shin out of One Another

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 6, 2012

As best I can ascertain, the British have a better handle on how to have a good time than we do. 

Welcome to the National Shin-Kicking Championships held in Gloucester. It features grown men kicking wildly at one another's legs until one of them topples over. 

The hillside is filled with fans loving the sight of men kicking the shin out of one another. I have to admit, I am sold on the ridiculous practice as well. 

The Huffington Post has some information for us. For one, the kicking is part of the Cotswold Olimpick Games, an event held every year in the English town of Chipping Campden. 

Try to read that quaint sentence and not smile. I dare you. 

The Olimpick Games started back in 1612 and have included things like tug of war and these shin-kicking competitions for eons. 

According to this year's judge James Wiseman, the kicking is well more than just, well, kicking. 

It's a bit like wrestling, but with a lot of contact below the knees. To throw the person to the ground, you've got to unbalance them by kicking them first.

My favorite part of the video is 2012 winner, 23-year-old Zac Warren, ripping off his sweater and throwing it into the crowd like an NBA player dispatching of his jersey. 

He then sprays champagne on the ground in an epic show of championship exuberance. 

Forget the major sports because I need to see far more of these types of sports. Men kicking each other in the shins? Sure, why not?

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