Good Job, Good Effort Kid Is Surprise Internet Star After Miami Heat Loss

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 6, 2012

Photo Credit: SportsGrid
Photo Credit: SportsGrid

The big, bad Miami Heat were supposed to handle the aged Boston Celtics rather easily; instead, they are a game from an unwanted summer vacation.

The salt in the wound was a misinterpreted chant from the one of their most innocent of fans. 

You have to love the here and now: Even the most subtle of moments are blown way out of proportion and milked for every last drop of nuance. 

In waltzes a nameless kid and a now voice that still echoes in the minds of all that watched the waning moments of the Heat's 94-90 upsetting loss to the Celtics. 

The Video

By now you have all heard of the "Good Job, Good Effort" kid. If you haven't, he is an enthusiastic young fan who wanted to give his team one last pat on the back for a job well done.

You have to love the innocence. 

Here is the video that features the Heat heading back to the locker room with heads held low. The only sound you can discern is a kid screaming over and over, "Good job, good effort."

Ladies and gentleman, start that meme machine

Here's the thing: The kid could really be only one of two things, much as Big Lead Sports' Stephen Douglas contends. 

This is either the most loving fan ever, who wanted only to give encouragement, even as a disastrous end to the playoffs looms. 

Or he is hilarious and filled with venomous sarcasm. 

I, for one, think the Heat were beat more than they failed to meet expectations. Still, some things like Dwyane Wade's failing to get back on defense late and the overall thoughts that the Heat should have cruised to a series win make this chant a rallying cry for those that hate the new big three. 

The Tweets

As you can imagine, the world began pumping out Tweets on this quote at the pace Starbucks builds coffee shops. 

Like this one from The Sports Pickle:

To everyone who got out of bed today: "Good job. Good effort."

— SportsPickle (@sportspickle) June 6, 2012

This one form Matthew Callan:

I am very disappointed I have yet to see a video with GOOD JOB! GOOD EFFORT! audio over the Hindenberg crash

— Matthew Callan (@scratchbomb) June 6, 2012

Or this one from Celtics fan Reds Army:

the kid yelling "good job... good effort" is the greatest cherry on this sundae ever

— RedsArmy (@RedsArmy_John) June 6, 2012

The T-Shirts 

There is a link over at Sports Pickle to some t-shirts that I am guessing will be purchased by Celtics fans well before those in Miami. 

Photo Credit: Skreened
Photo Credit: Skreened

The Pictures

Sports Pickle has some hilarious pictures to capture the moment, as well. 

Photo Credit: The Sports Pickle
Photo Credit: The Sports Pickle

Photo Credit: The Sports Pickle
Photo Credit: The Sports Pickle


However you take this new meme, it is hardly a rallying cry for the Heat.

Because to this point, we have seen them deliver neither a good job nor a good effort, and that has made all the difference. 

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