The 50 Coolest Sports Jerseys You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIJune 4, 2012

The 50 Coolest Sports Jerseys You Probably Didn't Know Existed

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    Jersey sales is a curious business.

    No matter if you're buying the stylish top to represent your favorite team, player or color, you're always missing out on better artwork.

    It's about time we educate the sports public about the real masterpieces that have yet to be embraced.

    Forget importance or legacy; these upcoming selections will be based solely on visual brilliance.

    We've scoured the surface of the earth in hopes of finding the ultimate collection of sports jerseys, and it's about time we share the findings.

    Here are 50 ridiculous jerseys to brighten your day.

    Grab a camera; these shots don't come along often.

50. Philadelphia Phillies Throwback Jersey

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    With a curvaceous "P" on the front and a kelly green backdrop, it's time to blow the mothballs off of this legendary masterpiece.

    Solid, hard-nosed and pure. Meet Pete Rose.

49. Houston Aeros Away Jersey

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    These designers have thrust their Aeros into the upper tier of the American Hockey League with this curious creation.

    Aggressive, yet elegant.

48. Florida Panthers 3rd Jersey

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    Blue and darker blue aren't exactly Panthers colors, but this jersey as a whole reeks of solid domination.

    On the other hand, it also screams Pittsburgh Penguins.

47. Pittsburgh Pirates Negro League Jersey

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    There's nothing like Heritage Week to bring back the old days.

    The Homestead Grays clearly believed in simplicity and class.

    Less is still more.

46. Edmonton Oil Kings Military Jersey

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    This Western Hockey League club is prepared to do whatever it takes to cement its name in history.

    And that includes fashioning a Jackson Pollack-esque display of paint madness. More simply referred to as the Military Appreciation Jerseys.

    Abstract art at its finest.

45. Cincinnati Stingers Away Jersey

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    This '70s World Hockey Association masterpiece can't possibly be gulped all at once. It's too powerful.

    Here's the rest

44. Kingston Frontenacs Don Cherry Jersey

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    The Kingston Frontenacs are still several suits away from reaching greatness, but the Ontario Hockey League just got a lot cooler with this mockery of NHL analyst and nut Don Cherry.

    Risky business, though, as this is often misconstrued as brutal.

43. Atlanta Braves Throwback Jersey

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    Worn by Hank Aaron and his pack of Braves during the franchise's first two seasons in Atlanta (1966-67), this simple off-white piece of cloth is a pleasant vacation for the pupils.

    With a player number replacing the chest-high tomahawk and an iconic badge on the sleeve, these jerseys present solid compliments to the everyday white and red.

42. Montreal Canadiens Throwback Jersey

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    When the Canadiens broke out their 1910-11 Centennial jerseys, few were ready for such festive aggression.

    An early Christmas present.

41. Missouri Tigers New Jersey

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    Forget the heart of a lion. This Missouri squad is ready to prove that it possesses the mind of a Tiger.

    Enhanced durability makes these cats ferocious.

40. North Stars Jersey

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    Minnesota enjoyed the green and yellow North Stars from 1967 to 1993 before they moved to Dallas and became the Stars.

    Minnesota Wild (2000-present) brass evidently decided not to follow suit.

39. Pittsburgh Steelers Throwback Jersey

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    If this 80th season jersey is truly inspired by bumblebees, then due credit goes to those talented honey dwellers.

    They may be tough on the eyes, but these obtuse jerseys are a refreshing and necessary addition to the NFL.

    Only in doses, though.

38. France New Away Jersey

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    The stripe work may seem excessive, but let's be real; You can never have enough stripes.

    Just as long as Team France doesn't get mistaken for a pack of referees.

37. Anaheim Ducks Goldberg Jersey

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    The Mets' David Wright continues to amaze us with his potent disregard for the routine.

    This is no regular Ducks sweater. But it's clearly phenomenal.

36. Montreal Canadiens Centennial Jersey

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    These 1912-1913 throwbacks give us another reason to love stripes.

    But we're still searching for Waldo.

35. Turkey New Away Jersey

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    Simple, yet effective is the direction these designers seemed headed for.

    The edgy lettering and gnarly ray of light shining from the back makes this potent presentation almost magical.

34. Halifax Mooseheads Jersey

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    The firm red shoulder pads, curved lettering and complimentary script are the main ingredients for artistic brilliance.

    The CHL is simply epic.

33. California Golden Seals Jersey

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    One of six teams added to the league as part of the 1967 NHL expansion, the California Golden Seals never truly grasped the importance of winning on the ice (they moved to Cleveland and became the Barons in 1976).

    They were clearly more focused on keeping their elegant, white skates squeaky clean.

32. Tampa Bay Lightning 3rd Jersey

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    Released in '08, these silver-trimmed knockouts are subtly intense. 

    The diagonal-style lettering is a slight, but necessary detail.

    Simply refreshing. 

31. Miami Heat Orange and Pink Jersey

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    They only played in the ABA for two years (1968-1970), but that didn't keep today's superstars from remembering the Miami Floridians.

    White, pink, orange, black. It might be too festive, but never too unique.

30. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim 3rd Jersey

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    Not only does the centerpiece bird look like a steroid-struck or murderous version of Daffy Duck, but he also appears ready to dominate the ice.

    Far from traditional, and far from boring.

29. Connecticut Whale Jersey

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    Since 2010, this AHL uniform has dominated the competition.

    The Hartford Whalers-esque feel gives the Whale a mighty advantage on camera.

28. Los Angeles Kings Throwback Jersey

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    This purple and yellow elegance has rarely let down the illustrious Lakers, so perhaps the Kings should turn back the clock and embrace their retro look.

    The defending NHL champs deserve a makeover. 

27. Maryland Terrapins New Jersey

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    If these checkered, oddly-shaped new Maryland jerseys don't get your senses riled up, perhaps their gold alternates will.

    Loving the shoulder-pad creativity at this moment, although this wild flow may become a visual issue in the future.

26. Portugal New Away Jersey

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    The precise coloring, cornered numbering and vibrant crosshairs make Portugal's new away kit one for the ages.

    Pure quality.

25. ZSC Lions Victoria Cup Jersey

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    Founded in 1930, the ZSC Lions are clearly experienced in the art of victory.

    But this Switzerland club proved they were more than just a stylish crew when they beat the Chicago Blackhawks in 2009 for the Victoria Cup trophy.

24. Boston Bruins 3rd Jersey

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    With a black bruin hogging the center, there's little about this jersey that doesn't scream amazing.

    We may despise Boston's hockey club, but we love their mascot. 

23. Washington Redskins Alternate Jersey

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    These yellow and red studs are a refreshing, clean-cut addition to often-cliched gridiron fashion.

    Letter circling on the helmet makes this a knockout.

22. Rutgers Scarlet Knights New Jersey

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    Underneath this fresh style is an exuberant smile unable to contain itself. Oh yes, look closely.

    The Scarlet Knights appear more than ready for battle.

21. Montreal Canadiens Centennial Jersey

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    Word has it that this blue masterpiece was only worn for one year (1909-1910), but man, what a year it was.

    It's time for a comeback.

20. England New Away Jersey

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    Rugby is already grueling enough, but with a duel kit like this, few others have a chance.

    Plus, the staredown is classic.

19. New York Rangers Heritage Jersey

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    A navy blue backdrop with red finishes on the sleeves and waist is a solid start.

    Inscribing the Rangers' retired numbers into the bottom hem completes the masterpiece.

18. Memphis Grizzlies Throwback Jersey

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    As our eyes steadily adjust to the vibrant presentation, it becomes clear that the Memphis Grizzlies have an intricate plan for victory.

    Pleasantly distract all viewers.

17. France New Home Jersey

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    A ferocious blue display is perfectly complimented by slight gold lettering on the chest and sleeves.

    Nike's new France home kit has all of Western Europe in a euphoric state.

16. San Antonio Spurs Throwback Jersey

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    From 1967 to 1973, the Dallas Chaparrals were easily the most stunning pack of ballers in the ABA.

    And then they moved to San Antonio, long before the Spurs decided to pay necessary tribute.

15. New York Mets Throwback Jersey

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    It seems the Mets have finally realized the atrocity that is their everyday uniforms. 

    A legendary "NY" scripted on the chest of this piece seals the deal.

    Respect for baseball's former New York Giants.

14. Quidditch Olympics Jersey

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    The nerdiest sport on the planet just became perhaps the most fashionable as well with the introduction of their 2012 Summer Olympic tops. 

    Muggles may not possess the power to soar on broom sticks, but they clearly know what it takes to look good.

13. Oakland Athletics Throwback Jersey

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    Just picture mustache connoisseur Rollie Fingers sporting the green and yellow stirrups.

    Truly kicking it old school.

12. Chicago Blackhawks Throwback Jersey

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    This 1936-inspired sweater does everything to escape the norm.

    The tribal logo sets the tone, while the cream white and red striping adds the finishing touches.


11. Texas Rangers Throwback Jersey

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    This 1976 powder blue Rangers home uniform rests officially as one of the best to have ever graced the diamond.

    The colorfully striped rims are a nice touch.

10. Detroit Red Wings Throwback Jersey

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    During their Cougar days, Detroit's beloved franchise fashioned an intricate, yet clean arsenal.

    This eye-pleasing presentation would define the Original Six, and the NHL, for years to come.

9. Croatia New Home Jersey

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    The design team designated to Croatia's EURO 2012 home kit seems to be simultaneously poking at greatness and insanity.

    But let's be real; this is pure genius.

8. Ottawa Senators Heritage Jersey

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    It must've been tough for Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson to contain his exuberance in this moment, but we respect him for trying.

    Sure, the design is creatively perfect, but it's the story behind the cloth that has us in a frenzy.

    All it took was one suggestion from graphic designer Jacob Barrette on an Ottawa Senators message board.

7. Chicago White Sox Throwback Jersey

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    Dick Allen's old-man glasses and epic stare hog this intense moment, but we're still intrigued by the powder-blue button down.

    The Ambrose Burnside sideburns complete this masterful shot.

6. Los Angeles Lakers Throwback Jersey

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    The Minneapolis Lakers would only last 13 years (1947-1960), but they certainly cemented their spot in sports lore with five George Mikan-led championships and vibrant suits.


5. Great Britain New Olympics Jersey

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    Thank you, team captain Andrew Sullivan, for the pink touch.

    The glistening top reeks of class, and the solid neck of aggression.

    Nicely done.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers Hardwood Classic Jersey

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    We saw the Cavs sport a blue and orange top during LeBron James' days, but not so much this retro piece.

    The 1970's "wine and gold" look is a keeper.

3. Ohio State Buckeyes Throwback Jersey

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    In honor of the 1954 Buckeyes team, the Ohio State football team was seen repping these artistic keepers at Michigan Stadium several years back.

    From the intricate sleeve work to the simple, yet engaging helmets, these uniforms epically compliment the gridiron.

2. Golden State Warriors Throwback Jersey

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    A faint blue and red trimming cements this less-is-more masterpiece in hardwood lore. 


1. Brooklyn Dodgers Throwback Jersey

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    What a brilliant shot for all Dodgers fans, only in California of course.

    The 1940's road alternates help these West Coast superstars look the part.


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