Milwaukee Bucks: Failed Marketing Slogans Before 'Fear the Deer'

Matthew Sundberg@@MattSunny10Correspondent IIMay 30, 2012

Milwaukee Bucks: Failed Marketing Slogans Before 'Fear the Deer'

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    With the hype heading into the 2010 playoffs the Milwaukee Bucks brought back the slogan of "Fear the Deer."

    The Bucks were bounced in Game 7 against the Atlanta Hawks, but most fans would agree that the slogan stuck this time around.

    I know Milwaukee tried to instate "Be Milwaukee" this past year, but the Bucks will be carrying the crazed buck mantra for awhile. Fans should be happy with just the thought that went into the tagline.

    I'm not sure the marketing department was even trying with the last couple.

    Come on, being the Bucks opens up a whole opportunity for creative wit.

    "The Hunted become the Hunters."

    "Don't F*** with the Buck."

    "Been Messin' Up Your Car Since 1968."

    "Goin' Stag."

    At least I'm trying.

Work Hard, Play Hard, 2009-10

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    Here's a slogan for every middle school basketball team ever.

    How many times have you heard a cliche' like this? It's in every motivational speaking for dummies book known to man.

    I can just imagine how this pitch went.

    Idea Man: "How about we make the slogan 'Play Hard'?"

    Decision Man: "I don't think that's enough."

    Idea Man: "How about we put the word 'hard' twice, and just put another verb in front of it, you know really drive home the 'hard'."

    Decision Man: "That's what she said!"

    Idea Man: "Who?"

    Decision Man: "Nevermind. Just put it on the shirts."

    The Bucks made a little splash during the season in the pick-up of John Salmons and taking the Atlanta Hawks to a Game 7 in the first round of the playoffs. But it's during this heated series where the motto died off and was replaced with the now utilized "Fear the Deer" campaign.

Our Team, Our Town, 2004-05

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    In the 2004-05 season the Bucks finished 30-52, 11 games worse than the season before. They also missed the playoffs for the first time in three years.

    But hey, that's our team and this is our town...said the Milwaukee Bucks fan to nobody.

    You can't just throw the word "our" in front of nouns and call it a slogan.

    Unless that noun is house.

    But I suppose "Our house in our town is the home of our team" doesn't quite work. I'd buy that t-shirt, though.

Ready to Rise, 2008-09

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    The Bucks unveiled Scott Skiles as their head coach in the 2008-09 season that ended with a 34-48 record. Skiles is the only part of the team that remains intact today except for Luc Mbah Moute, who they drafted that year.

    I wonder how many fans would've pegged Mbah Moute as a more successful pick than No. 8 overall selection Joe Alexander?

    Let's just say the Ready to Rise campaign left fans hungry for more.

    What is supposed to be rising? Bread? Cake? Cookies?

    Please let it be cookies.

Where Amazing Happens, 2007-08

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    How lazy can we be?

    2007 NBA Slogan: Where Amazing Happens.

    2007 Milwaukee Bucks Slogan: Where Amazing Happens.

    Seriously? I don't know how a team can run out of that many ideas that they just snipe the league's tagline. Looking back, the honest motto should have been:

    Milwaukee Bucks: See: NBA.

    The Bucks followed suit and recorded a 26-56 year after drafting Yi Jianlian and Ramon Sessions. Coach Larry Krystkowiak was fired the day after the season ended.

    I assure you, nothing amazing came close to happening.

    That's what she said.

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