Beer Money Is the Greatest TNA Tag Team Ever

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 20, 2012

Beer Money Is the Greatest TNA Tag Team Ever

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    "Beer! Money!"

    Fellow writer Gina Geatches wrote an article stating her claim as to why the Motor City Machine Guns are the greatest tag team in TNA history. You can read her article here.

    So as friendly competition I've decided to counter that claim. 

    What better counter to the Motor City Machine Guns than Beer Money? You say Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, I say James Storm and Bobby Roode.

    Here's why I think Beer Money is the greatest tag team to ever grace a TNA ring.

Their Start as a Team

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    Beer Money formed in 2008 because they had something in common. They were polar opposites in terms of character and gimmick.

    Roode was billed from Wall Street, New York, while James Storm was "The Cowboy" from Tennessee. 

    So what did they have in common?

    Both guys had no direction as singles wrestlers at the time. The creative team just had these two floating about the scene in TNA. They had dead-end feuds and were seemingly going nowhere at the time.

    Because the creative team had nothing for them, they created a "mix n' match" tag team. This team was James Storm and Robert Roode. And those two clicked and they made it work.

Championships & Accomplishments

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    Within their first year as a tag team, Beer Money became champions twice. They've successfully retained against LAX, the Motorcity Machine Guns and the pairing of Matt Morgan and Abyss.

    Storm and Roode formed their team in June of 2008. In the same year, Pro Wrestling Illustrated named them tag team of the year.

    That wouldn't be their first time winning that award. In 2011 when Beer Money became longest reigning TNA Tag Team Champions they were once again named tag team of the year by PWI.

    Beer Money went on to set the record for most tag team championship reigns as well as longest reigning champions in 2011.

    Out of eight teams in the Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament, Beer Money came out victorious. They've defeated Lethal Consequences, the pairing of Eric Young and Jethro Holliday and finally, to win the tournament, the British Invasion—the same tournament in which the Motorcity Machine Guns couldn't advance past the first round.

    For winning Team 3D's tournament, Beer Money received a trophy, a check for $100,000 and a shot at Team 3D's Tag Team Championships.

They've Seen 'em All, and They've Beat 'em All

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    Beer Money very quickly became the tag team to beat. Defeating Beer Money would put you and your team right up there amongst the best.

    Every team wanted a shot at Beer Money and their tag team championships. Sometimes teams would even be willing to put their careers on the line.

    In early 2009 Beer Money debuted their "Off the Wagon" challenge. They'd put their championships on the line against anyone willing to put their career on the line. You beat Beer Money, you're new champions. You get pinned or submitted, however, you're gone from TNA.

    Beer Money would be responsible for getting Petey Williams and Lance Hoyt (Lance Rock, at the time) fired from TNA after a failed attempt during the "Off the Wagon" challenge.

    Beer Money has faced and defeated numerous opponents. Here I run down who Beer Money has faced off against and beaten:

    • LAX
    • Motorcity Machine Guns
    • Matt Morgan and Abyss
    • Lethal Consequences
    • Eric Young & Petey Williams (Off the Wagon)
    • Rock N' Rave Infection (Off the Wagon)
    • Eric Young & Jethro Holliday
    • The British Invasion
    • Team 3D
    • The Band
    • Ink Inc
    • Matt Hardy & Chris Harris
    • Mexican America
    • NJPW's Masahiro Chono & Akira
    • 1PW's Kid Fite & Liam Thomson
    • AAA's Atsushi Aoki & Go Shiozaki
    • AAA's La Hermandad 187
    • NJPW's Bad Intentions
    • NJPW's No Limit

    And many, many more.

Their Ability to Work as a Team

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    Surely every tag team must work as a team.

    Beer Money's signature move? The DWI.

    That's all I'm going to say because the video speaks for itself.

Their Singles Success

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    This slide obviously doesn't have anything to do with them as a team. It speaks of their success as singles wrestlers!

    Together James Storm and Bobby Roode formed the greatest tag team TNA has ever seen. Beer Money has set records in TNA and has raised the bar for tag team wrestling worldwide.

    Though their days as a team are over and done with, these guys are just now starting to hit their prime.

    After Beer Money split, both members (Storm & Roode) went onto become World Heavyweight Champions within TNA—thus proving neither man will be the "Jannetty" of the team as many fans like to suggest.

    These former Beer Money members would later headline one of TNA's biggest pay-per-view events of the year: Lockdown.

    Right now Bobby Roode looks to break a record set by "Mr. TNA" AJ Styles. Within mere days Bobby Roode will become the longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in TNA history.

    Right now James Storm is taking a break from wrestling and doing some soul searching, if you will. After a devastating loss in his hometown at Lockdown, Storm has decided to take a break and comeback better than ever.

    As a team Storm and Roode were the best. As independent singles wrestlers they're just as good.

    Roode and Storm have proven to be two of the hottest commodities in TNA this year.

Who Is Better?

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    These are my reasons as to why Beer Money is the greatest tag team in TNA history.

    Once again here are Gina's reasons as to why the Motorcity Machine Guns are the best.

    Who do you agree with? Who is better: Beer Money or MCMG?

    Is either team the best in TNA history? Or is it some other tag team (Team 3D, LAX, AMW, Triple X, etc)?

    Be sure to leave a comment, leave some props, decide who you agree with, and check out the website linked below. Thanks for reading!