TNA IMPACT 5/10: A.J.'s Secret, Abyss Returns, Sacrifice News & Updates

Charlie GSenior Writer IMay 11, 2012

This week, IMPACT brought the final show before Sacrifice to the table. The card itself looks pretty stacked with plenty of promising action.

Sacrifice is live this Sunday, which could make a great Mother's Day gift for those who didn't get their mom anything yet. So, how did the final show before the pay-per-view go? Why did I just rhyme?

Here's my thoughts on the May 10 edition of IMPACT.

Opening Segment

Bobby Roode walks down the entrance ramp and my initial thoughts were, "Bobby Roode: lookin' fresh". I'm not lying. 

Some people used to look up to Hulk Hogan as a role model, I use Bobby Roode as my role model. Realize I said, "use Bobby Roode". I'm selfish!

Already passing the likes of Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and Sting, within two weeks time, Roode will surpass A.J. Styles as the longest reigning world champion in TNA history.

Once again, Bobby Roode delivers a great promo. This guy has lived up to his nickname, "The It Factor" for sure. In my opinion, Bobby Roode is one of the best things running in professional wrestling.

After RVD, Anderson, and Hardy attack and a big brawl breaks out, Hulk Hogan books a four-way match. A sacrifice match for all those who remember that classic pay-per-view tradition. If Hardy or Anderson win, they become the new number one contender. If RVD wins, he picks a stipulation for Sunday. Finally, if Roode wins, he chooses which of the three men he wants to face.

This was a good way to start the show. Roode has been awesome on the mic since winning the title. Being that RVD is bland on the mic, and given the attack from last week, him coming out swinging for the fences was a good move.

I was happy to see the three-on-one break up when Hardy attacked Anderson. They are opponents at Sacrifice anyway. Hogan booking the four-way sacrifice match was a good way to remind people of what was once a tradition at the Sacrifice pay-per-view. Though, I feel like Hardy and Anderson had nothing to sacrifice.

If Hardy or Anderson won, they got a title shot. If they lost, nothing bad would happen. Van Dam was the only one that sacrificed something...

A Quick Lesson on Bullying & Dating

Backstage, Bully Ray is tired. He's sick and tired of being pushed around and bullied by Austin Aries. He says that at Sacrifice, the bullying will end.

Nice promo by the bully. Turning the tables on Aries, eh? This match is definitely one of the top matches I want to see Sunday. 

Now we are with Madison Rayne and Gail Kim. Madison is preparing for a date with a guy that would go unnamed. (It's probably Eric Young. Seriously, Knockouts love him and his beard).

Hopefully, this new love interest for Madison will keep her away from Gail. As long as Madison is preoccupied, I see much less interference in Knockout title matches. That's always a great thing. I feel like Madison has been in Gail's corner for too long and there could be only one queen of the Knockouts division. 

(Not the one that ditched for a few years, got misused and upset somewhere else only to return and be pampered by creative).

Brooke Tessmacher vs. Velvet Sky

When Velvet was part of the original Beautiful People (only with Angelina), I couldn't stand to watch her in the ring. After Tessmacher was fired as Bischoff's advisor and enrolled as a wrestler, I thought she'd be an awful addition.

Here I am now...wrong.

Velvet has greatly improved since 2007 and Tessmacher has also really impressed me. This match was just fun to watch. Some good Knockouts action was on display.

I see a lot of people complaining about Brooke Tessmacher, especially on YouTube. Then again, the most popular comment on the video posted above is about the girl's "T & A" rather than TNA itself.

I would love to see Tessmacher become Knockouts Champion on Sunday. Will it happen? Probably not, but I'm just saying, I'd love for it to.

Though Velvet has shown great strides of improvement, I prefer watching Tessmacher. I'm starting to think Brooke has one of the best finishers amongst the Knockouts (nothing beats Tara's Widow Peak, of course).

My love for Brooke Tessmacher grows each week she's on TV.

Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

First off, I like what they did here.

Bully Ray taking out the seven foot "Blueprint" Matt Morgan should definitely send a strong signal to Austin Aries. Morgan, one of the biggest guys on the roster, taken out within seconds at the hands of Bully Ray.

I'll admit, once I saw Morgan sporting some wrist tape I knew something was up. I knew there would be blood because he usually never wears wrist tape. The cause of the blood? Perfect.

Bully Ray continues to mail in the idea of 'he's bigger, stronger, better, and can take out anyone at anytime.' This will definitely pile onto the weeks of build that's shaping Aries up to be the ultimate underdog.

The promo by Crimson afterward was great. Forcing the ref to start the match and count Morgan out shows how selfish Crimson can be. He doesn't care about anything but keeping his streak intact and I'm loving the direction his character is headed.

Crimson, at his young age, is definitely shaping up to be a major player in the future of IMPACT.

I'm thinking that Morgan will return with Bully Ray number one on his list. This attack could lead to a feud between Bully and Morgan, I'm guessing, around Hardcore Justice. Whenever it may be, it sounds good. It might also be the thing to push Morgan into the main event.

X Division Championship

Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries

This match was refreshing. It seems like it's been awhile since Aries' last title defense, and, in this one, he actually appeared beatable.

A little less than a year ago, TNA was trying to relaunch their X Division. They saw it in a weak state and reinvested some time and effort into it. Now, it's sad and appears as if they're in the same spot as last year.

Few talent, not getting much of any TV time. Hopefully, like last year, we can get some sort of adrenaline shot into the X Division around Destination X.

The X Division match here was great. The fans were deeply into it with a, "This is wrestling!" chant going. Bottom line is this: Fans love the X Division and TNA needs to give them just that.

Going into the match, I thought for sure we'd see a new champion. Bully Ray would come out and cost Aries his title adding more fuel to the fire going into Sunday, but no. I'm glad. 

Ion hasn't had enough time to develop himself into a big enough threat to A Double.

A.J.'s Secret

Daniels and Kazarian showed up and revealed that A.J. was having a secret relationship with TNA President, Dixie Carter.

It was interesting when Kazarian compared his career, as well as Daniels', to that of Styles. A.J. is a TNA grand slam champion and longest reigning world champion in TNA history. Meanwhile, Kazarian and Daniels have never had a taste of world championship gold.

This angle took an interesting turn. I'm just wondering why A.J. is only a one-time TNA World Champion if he's in a relationship with Dixie.

A few people complain about A.J. and Daniels always feuding, but hey, whatever gets them on TV works for me. Without each other, they'd have nothing to do. Additionally, the two always work great matches against each other.

Television Championship

Robbie E w/ Rob Terry vs. Devon

Thursday was a bad night to be a Robbie E fan. He got his ass kicked all over the place on IMPACT, courtesy of Devon. Wow. It was brutal.

After successfully retaining his title, Devon was laid out (once again) by big Rob Terry. This angered Devon to a point where he wants both Robbie E and Rob Terry in a match at Sacrifice.

It looked to me as if Rob Terry was going to pick up Devon's title before Robbie snatched it off the ground. I wouldn't be too surprised to see the duo face some issues on Sunday, possibly costing them the match. Tension could be on the rise between Robbie E and Rob Terry.

Where is "The Cowboy" James Storm?

A video package aired showing that Storm has been at home second guessing himself as a wrestler after his loss to Bobby Roode at Lockdown.

Good, emotion filled video for Storm. His return could be huge whenever that may be.

Giving him a vacation may be the best thing for Storm after losing at Lockdown.

Joseph Parks' In-ring Debut

I thought that Parks speaking without a microphone was funny, yet at the same time, smart. It continued to show his unfamiliarity with the wrestling world.

Are you sure Joe Parks is actually Abyss?! That was a great job by Parks. His acting and his promo were just top notch. 

Downgrading Bully Ray for losing to Devon and getting beaten up by Austin Aries was great. After that shove by Bully Ray and a quick smirk by Parks, I think Parks may be onto something bigger.

Bully Ray is simply awesome! He's managing several feuds at once. Fighting with Austin Aries, confrontations with Joseph Parks, and the whole "Where's Abyss?" thing is great.

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Bobby Roode

I don't recall a dull moment in this match. Everyone obviously wanted revenge on Roode for his attacks last week, but keeping the stipulation and Sacrifice in mind was good.

RVD picked up the scraps on an already injured Bobby Roode. Five Star does it and Van Dam picked a ladder match for Sunday.

To add an interesting twist, Abyss returned! 

"The Monster" came out to warn his brother that he's getting too involved in his business, and, on that note, IMPACT ended.

Much of the wrestling on this episode was pretty on point and used as a good preview for Sacrifice. Many of the promos and segments also helped in story progression.

We learned A.J.'s secret and now that Abyss is back, I'm more curious about those two storylines than ever before!

Be sure to tune in this Sunday, May 13, for Sacrifice on pay-per-view. Also, check out!


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