The Most Entertaining Fail Faces in Sports

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIMay 7, 2012

The Most Entertaining Fail Faces in Sports

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    Fear of failure keeps many athletes out of the spotlight and far from success. But there are plenty of talented individuals who always give their all, regardless of possible defeat.

    And as they continue to fail, these physical specimens are closely preyed on by skilled cameramen hoping to capture hilarious masterpieces.

    We're here to share with you only the classiest fail faces in sports—those who have mastered the art of aesthetic frustration.

    Filled with pain, humor and several drips of insanity, these pics are sure to keep you entertained.

    Let us begin.

50. Shaquille O'Neal Lays Low

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    Morphing into some kind of predator on the bench. A truly amazing process.

49. Mama's Boys of the Bronx

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    Whether Dominican slugger Alex Rodriguez is marinating in a ferocious slump or disapproving of the spaghetti Vongole served at lunch, he's got the Vito Corleone expression down pat.

48. Lou Holtz Brings His Top Hat Back

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    Good old Lou Holtz's epic hat-chucking antics led to an inspirational career in motivational speaking.

47. Talk to the Hand

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    Because the face is too busy right now.

    Amid the chaos is one smashed noggin and a thoroughly confused teammate looking for the camera.

46. Rob Ryan's Constant Aneurysm

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    The Cowboys truly are America's Team, representing the mass as usual.

45. Another Routine Bar Joke

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    This choice is one of imagination, considering we can't actually see this unsuspecting victim's face.

    We expect his expression looks something along the lines of this.

44. Shelden Williams Enjoys the Path

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    A power forward so caring in nature that he embarrasses himself to quell the other team's pain.

43. Gina Carano Gets Cyborged

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    After getting pummeled by the reckless Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, MMA legend Gina Carano took her talents to the acting industry.

    A generous application of makeup seems necessary after this.

42. Cristiano Ronaldo's Temper Tantrum

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    The WAG extraordinaire himself is a drooling toddler at heart.

41. Cold as Ice

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    Tossing the fisticuffs seems like a more entertaining alternative.

40. Yao Ming Carries China on His Back

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    And this was the only way defenders could stop him.

39. David Beckham Takes a Breather

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    We're guessing several diehard fans tossed estrogen pills into his water bottle—otherwise this is hard to believe.

    Becks is a pure warrior.

38. Tony Pietrantonio's Ripple Effect

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    Lavarn Harvell held nothing back during this rippling bout on April 28th.

37. Pau Gasol Comes out Firing

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    Watching Jason Williams watch Pau Gasol makes this image perfect. 

    Juwan Howard seems to be considering the gesture—and eloquently refusing.

36. Jocking the Enemy

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    With failure almost imminent, all that's left is to guide the foot, to eliminate destruction, of course.

    Patience leads the way.

35. Eli Manning Lives Large

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    Whatever happened before and after this shot is irrelevant. Eli Manning held the role of confused cat.

    He was stuck in the reporter's glare, evidently forced into a new type of white man's overbite.

34. Best Nose Forward

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    Rugby continues to be a contact sport...that is all.

33. Skip to My Lou

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    They might as well be prancing. This is pure madness.

32. Josh Howard Fights Back

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    Just keeping it real, Josh Howard now finds himself on the Jazz, down 0-3 to the Spurs.

    Quite the transition.

31. The Mind of a Diaper Dandy

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    Seems just a tad excessive. Someone get him a bottle.

30. Keeping an Eye on the Ball

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    He was just clapping—give the guy a break. A truly loyal fan.

29. LeBron James Carves a Spot

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    There are many who enjoy this shot, and even more who couldn't care less.

    The King's quest lives on.

28. Luis Scola Defeats the Rancor

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    Freeing this beast takes us back to the old days, when primitive Germanic tribes battled Roman armies for territory and respect.

    Don't ask why—it just does.

27. Rajon Rondo Attempts to Phone Home

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    With a sliced lemon in his mouth and flatulence lingering, this expression would still border on insanity.

    We usually expect these types of looks from Rajon Rondo's opponents after getting burned.

26. Bruising the Crowd

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    This unsuspecting fan never even saw it coming.

    Bats should've been used on the real shark, as they're obviously detrimental to jaws (zing!).

25. Keith Jardine's Had Enough

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    A combination of the white-man overbite and what looks like an estrogen overdose helped to create Keith Jardine's most visibly entertaining knockout yet.

24. Joakim Noah Becomes a Star

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    What a stud. Joakim Noah continues to please the crowd, but with an obtuse smile and a welcoming hairstyle.

    Failure lies in the spacious gap.

23. A Heated Rivalry

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    Piggy-back rides are rarely mutual. The rider rarely finds a willing party.

22. Pau Gasol's Feeding Time

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    Further proof that the Spanish forward is indeed a llama.

21. Citywide Gang Green

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    Welcome to life as a J-E-T-S fan.

20. A Cheesy Atmosphere

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    Either Aaron Rodgers cut a vicious chunk of English cheddar, or Clay Matthews didn't enjoy the taste of that morning's juicy gossip.

    Flatulence usually reigns supreme.

19. Wild Case Files

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    Precise form, stellar fundamentals and a fearless approach. The ingredients for sculpting an epic facial expression.

18. The Birth Process

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    Like the first moments out of the womb, Andre Iguodala and Chris Bosh were seen flailing about with looks of utter confusion on their faces.

    Or maybe they've broken too many nails already.

17. A Precious Collision

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    Bordering on lovable, this memorable encounter left one victim permanently rearranged.

16. Peter Crouch Acts His Age

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    La la la la, I can't hear you.

    Real mature, champ.

15. The Crying Game

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    At least teary-eyed pleading is a bit more classy than the flopping fad.

14. Bruce Pearl Keeps Whining

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    I didn't want salmon! I said it four times.

13. The Ultimate Knockout

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    Almost too good to be real. Almost.

12. Will Hagerup Paints a Masterpiece

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    This Michigan punter will forever be remembered for his historic facial expression. Watch it here.

    It was a quick and intricate process that involved routine preparation and sudden doom.

11. Glen Davis Is Mortified

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    The gargantuan known as Big Baby is always animated, but this is pure insanity.

    We'd expect the same reaction when his dates order an apple and goat cheese salad.

10. Football Broadcasting 101

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    As Al Michaels basks in the moment, he continues to question why his sidekick is a misguided Ostrich.

    Even John Madden can't stand Cris Collinsworth's lack of culinary expertise.

9. The King and I

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    While certainly disturbing, the similarities between LeBron James and Gollum (Smeagol) are undeniable.

    Both possess feelings of wanting their respective Ring and yearning for an escape from the pressures of it.

    But in the end, this circa-2011 photo details the continuous receding of a headband.

8. When Nature Calls

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    The all-mighty dead lift. Often confused with a monstrous bowel movement.

7. Drew Gooden Reaches Manhood

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    The fourth-overall pick of the '02 NBA Draft has always been a fearless warrior on the court.

    Especially considering his obvious phobia of cooties.

6. Rashad Evans Has a Nightmare

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    One can only imagine what kind of tumultuous hallucinations are circling the mind of Rashad Evans at this precious moment.

    The UFC star seems content in his happy place.

5. A Tumultuous Tundra

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    As her life flashed before her eyes, regret flooded her psyche.

4. Mighty Waters

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    Well, Jim, it looks like we're going down. Quick, one last face for the camera.

3. Muttiah Muralitharan's Superior Focus

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    Keeping petrified eyes and a shriveled mouth on the cricket ball at all times is key.

2. Phil Jones' Legendary Masterpiece

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    Norwegian painter Edvard Munch was known for painting many psychologically symbolic masterpieces during the late 1800s and early 20th century, none more famous than The Scream.

    This is footballer Phil Jones' attempted recreation.

1. Pau Gasol Begs to Differ

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    We compared Spanish sensation Pau Gasol to a llama earlier, but we're beginning to jot down the details of a different species.

    Oh yes, the silky power forward's diverting jaw line reeks of a slobbering camel.