Joba Chamberlain and the 11 Wackiest Injuries in Baseball History

Jake SingerContributor IIIMarch 24, 2012

Joba Chamberlain and the 11 Wackiest Injuries in Baseball History

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    Joba Chamberlain’s trampoline injury is certainly a disappointing setback for the former top prospect who was, by all accounts, recovering well from 2011 Tommy John surgery.

    After being bounced around between the starting rotation and bullpen, Joba Chamberlain dislocated an ankle and went down for the 2012 season, in all likelihood.

    I would put this injury in the category of “suffered while performing a somewhat risky task,” although I don’t really blame him for doing it.

    He was playing with his son, and since Joba couldn’t really play catch with his son as he recovered from surgery, he needed some kind of physical activity to share with his son.

    However, since this will certainly go down as one of the more fluky injuries in baseball history, here are 11 more off-field injuries that also figure highly in baseball lore.

Terry Mulholland

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    In 2005, Terry Mulholland rolled over a loose feather in a hotel pillow and scratched his right eye.

    Some of the injuries on this list are bizarre, but come from somewhat risky activities, such as playing basketball, riding a motorcycle, and even traveling in a cab.

    But rolling over a feather? That’s just bad luck.

    My main question about this one—where was the pillowcase?

Bob Ojeda

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    This is going a while back, but in September 1988, the New York Mets’ Bob Ojeda nearly lost a finger while he was trimming bushes at his Port Washington, N.Y., home.

    Ojeda was able to return to the Amazins in 1989, but missed the 1988 playoffs as he recovered from five hours of surgery.

    I bet he hired a landscaper after this ordeal.

Glenallen Hill

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    Are you afraid of spiders?

    Even if you are, you probably aren’t as arachnophobic as former outfielder Glenallen Hill.

    Hill was so scared of spiders that he had nightmares about them.

    One was so bad, in fact, that he fell out of bed and onto a glass table after dreaming about being covered in spiders and suffered several cuts.

    To be fair to Glenallen, at least his injury wasn’t suffered while he was conscious.

Jeff Kent

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    In 2002, Jeff Kent broke a bone in his wrist while washing his pickup truck.

    Or so he said.

    It later came out that Kent actually hurt his wrist riding his motorcycle.

    I actually think his story about hurting himself while washing his truck was funnier, but riding a motorcycle violated the terms of Kent’s contract.

    Which makes sense, because riding a motorcycle is dangerous.

    Did somebody tell him that just wearing a helmet doesn’t keep you from hurting your wrist?

Sammy Sosa/Mat Latos

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    Let Sammy Sosa and Mat Latos’ freak sneeze injuries serve as a lesson to us all: if you have to sneeze, don’t hold it in!

    That’s what Sosa and Latos tried to do, and they both ended up on the disabled list with back injuries.

    Maybe that’s why people say “God bless you” after someone sneezes; they’re praying that nobody gets hurt!

Tom Glavine/Duaner Sanchez

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    New York Mets pitchers have had bad luck when it comes to taxis.

    In the last decade, they’ve had two pitchers (that we know of) involved in car accidents while traveling in cabs.

    In 2004, Tom Glavine lost two teeth traveling from LaGuardia Airport to Shea Stadium after an off day.

    Two years later, Duaner Sanchez dislocated his shoulder in his own taxi accident.

    He was in the crash in August 2006 and did not pitch again until 2008.

    The lesson to Mets pitchers: buckle up.

Aaron Boone

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    Aaron Boone was a king in New York. He belonged in a sentence with Babe Ruth, Bucky Dent and Bill Buckner in the lore of the Boston Red Sox 86-year playoff drought and rivalry with the New York Yankees.

    Then he played a game of basketball.

    After hitting a series-clinching home run off Tim Wakefield in Game 7 of the 2003 American League Championship Series, Aaron Boone’s career with the Yankees was over because of a basketball game.

    He tore his ACL, and because the Yankees then needed a third baseman, the Bombers traded for Alex Rodriguez and showed Boone the door.

    It’s ironic that one of the most famous basketball injuries of all time was suffered by a baseball player, but thanks to Boone’s hurt knee, baseball fans have been treated to Alex Rodriguez’s saga in New York for nine seasons and counting.

Adam Eaton

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    In 2001, Adam Eaton was stabbed…by himself.

    That’s right, folks. Eaton misused a pair of scissors, accidentally stabbed himself in the stomach, and was treated in an emergency room for stab wounds.

    To be fair, he had a good reason to be using the scissors. He was opening the plastic case around a brand new DVD.

    Didn’t Adam Eaton learn how to use scissors in elementary school?

John Smoltz

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    I have to say, John Smoltz burning himself with an iron might be the most boneheaded injury of any on this list.

    That’s because when Smoltz did burn himself trying to wear a shirt, he was wearing said shirt.

    That’s right—John Smoltz tried ironing a shirt he was already wearing. Who could have imagined it would end poorly?

    Next time, John, send your shirts out for dry-cleaning.


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