Peyton Manning: Why Minnesota Vikings Are Best Team for QB

Bethany Horlick@Beffney12Contributor IIFebruary 8, 2012

Peyton Manning: Why Minnesota Vikings Are Best Team for QB

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    It seems it is only a matter of time before the Indianapolis Colts release franchise star Peyton Manning to sign with another team. As the former league MVP, Manning is the topic of many NFL team discussions.

    The Minnesota Vikings are on the list of teams eyeing the star QB. They picked up rookie quarterback Christian Ponder in the draft last season, but in a division with titan QBs (Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler), they will need to bring in a star that can contend with the best.

    Manning, who underwent neck surgery this year, will need a new place to play. He has been sidelined long enough and is ready to get on the field. The Vikings fanbase needs a star to believe in, and Manning needs fans to believe in him.

    The Vikings should be a serious consideration for Manning and here is why.

They Need Each Other

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    If an athlete needs anything coming back from a serious medical issue, it’s confidence and faith.

    Manning is returning from neck surgery. His future team has to believe that he is ready to come back and dominate the field.

    His condition is a red flag to some, but the Vikings are so desperate to get back on top. There is no question in their willingness to use him.

    Manning spells championships and wins for Minnesota, and they won't be afraid to suit him up.


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    Manning is known for his leadership.

    Win or lose, Manning is always accountable for his position on the team. Staffers can depend on him to set the example.

    Minnesota needs a leader.

    It is no secret that the Vikings had an abysmal season this year—with a 3-13 record. They lacked the consistency of a solid leader and have been on a downward slope for years now.

    They need a popular face that exudes steadiness and confidence.

Offense Ready for Manning

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    The Vikings are running an offense Manning is very comfortable with. It’s an offense Manning has been leading since his first season with the Colts.

    His ability to place the ball in winning situations for his backs and receivers is what the Vikings desperately need. Manning could walk into this offensive and feel at home.

    Manning is willing to return in a severely delicate medical state. In a situation like that, Manning is going to make sure they win and win big.

    Offensive leaders like Percy Harvin will see a drastic increase in their numbers. This should provide relief for injured backs Toby Gerhart and Adrian Peterson. Increased distribution amongst the tight end and receiving talent will produce a more productive offense in 2012.

Fitting the Bill

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    A superstar doesn’t come cheap. Fortunately for the Vikings, Manning is willing to negotiate.

    According to reports from ESPN, Manning wants to get a contract signed so quickly that he is willing to keep the contract based on performance. He is asking for no money upfront. This is the best bargain the Vikings could nab in the offseason.  

    The Vikings do have money to spare. But in a desperate attempt to rejuvenate the team and pick up wins—they will spend.

    Minnesota will have plenty of slots to fill in the offseason, so they will have to be mildly cautious in how much money they are willing to throw at Manning.

    The willingness of Manning to negotiate and Minnesota’s cap space could lead to a hassle-free contract for both sides.