50 Most Painful Pictures in Sports

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIFebruary 8, 2012

50 Most Painful Pictures in Sports

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    Dripping, numb, confident...the results of a successful athletic performance.

    But not everyone can reign supreme in sports. Determination and fearlessness can often lead to aesthetically displeasing injuries, cringing sights to say the least.

    Whether a limb was stretched beyond its limits, or a look insinuated immense pain, these athletes got caught in memorable, yet painful moments they'd likely want to forget.

    Let's take a look at the most painful shots in sports, from true injuries to agonizing photos.

    No guts, no glory.

50. Hands Held High

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    Their first date didn't quite go as planned.

    Image via geooline.blogspot.com

49. Back to the Drawing Board

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    Chalk this one up as a loss.

    Image via youtubefunnycomedy.blogspot.com

48. NFL Perm

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    Troy Polamalu knows this feeling all too well.

    Image via espn.go.com

47. A Memorable Foul Bat

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    As everyone runs for cover, one little girl fearlessly hopes to make the catch.

    Image via officeforward.com

46. Nosey Defender

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    Years of training led to this moment.

    Image via imprezzme.blogspot.com

45. Accident Waiting to Happen

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    Should've gone to the bathroom before the second half.

    Image via rantsports.com

44. Proper Mechanics

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    Image via cavemancircus.com

43. Nature Calls

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    The kick that turned him into a rabbit.

    Image via talktalk.co.uk

42. The Ultimate Sun Protection

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    So apparently golf is a contact sport, at least when you have to fetch the ball in treacherous territory.

    Image via dailycontributor.com

41. A Game of Inches

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    There's a reason he's not on the field.

    Image via sports.yahoo.com

40. Cheated by the System

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    He must've forgotten to hurdle.

    Image via atumacaco.blogspot.com

39. Thoroughly Conquered

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    Hopefully he wasn't planning on kids.

    Image via tvcandelaria.com

38. Extreme Off-Roading

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    He was a lefty anyway.

    Image via pat-funstuff.blogspot.com

37. An Eye for Talent

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    At least he's got another one.

    Image via travelfollownews.blogspot.com

36. Hanging with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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    He's 42-0. That's gotta hurt.

    Image via butchpx.livejournal.com

35. Evacuation Complete

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    Shadows and dust, Maximus.

    Image via thisweeklive.com

34. The Tables Have Turned

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    We can almost hear the cracking.

    Image via superamazing.net/

33. Happy Days

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    Not really sure what's happening, but it's clear something was hilarious.

    Image via funnypicdumps.com

32. A Nose for the Ball

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    The force of impact is strong, young Jedi.

    Image via itbelikedatsometimes.com

31. An Obnoxious Decision

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    Oh yes, this was painful...and not just for Cleveland fans.

    Image via sports.espn.go.com

30. Fighting for Yardage

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    If that catch was fewer than 100 yards, it wasn't worth it.

    Image via cavemancircus.com

29. Heat of the Moment

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    If Gus Frerotte was any indication, celebrations need to be kept to a minimum.

    Image via larrybrownsports.com

28. Balancing the Hurt

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    Such exposure, so little time.

    Image via otomotifplus.wordpress.com

27. Bulls to the Wall

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    Bullfighting continues to look like mass suicide. It doesn't make sense!

    Image via drugoi.livejournal.com

26. Reaching the Promised Land

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    (Insert Daniel Tosh joke here.)

    Image via blog.asiantown.net

25. Fleet-Footed

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    Third base is a treacherous area.

    Image via itsjustbaseball.com

24. A Bull's Bachelor Party

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    His last hurrah before tying the knot with his lovely cow.

    Image via pat-funstuff.blogspot.com

23. Stunt Gone Wrong

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    Naturally, his unprotected face is first to hit the pavement.

    Image via friki-chorradas.blogspot.com

22. Mental Floss

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    This must be how Takeru Kobayashi trains for his eating competitions. 

    Image via theadrenalines.com

21. Traffic Stop

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    With a last-second heave, the driver chucks a hand out to help. Too late.

    Image via imprezzme.blogspot.com

20. Twisted Faith

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    Um, coach...this can't be normal.

    Image via cavemancircus.com

19. A Snowball Effect

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    At the time it was heartbreaking, but give Steve Bartman a break already. The Cubs need to step it up on their own.

    Image via faniq.com

18. Untied Laces

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    We're hoping the shoe is on backwards, and not the foot.

    Image via cavemancircus.com

17. Typical Hockey Injury

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    Expected timetable for return: 10 to 12 lifetimes.

    Image via cavemancircus.com

16. The Weakest Link

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    Pinky was always more important than the brain.

    Image via cavemancircus.com

15. Soaring into Oblivion

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    Punters have clearly found a way to adapt to fearless pass-rushers.

    Image via justsaypictures.com

14. The Elements of a Perfect Dive

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    Starting Position: 9.5

    Approach: 8.0

    Flight: 10

    Finish: Priceless

    Image via imprezzme.blogspot.com

13. Knee-Slapper

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    It almost looks like he's enjoying this.

    Image via makefive.com

12. Stretching the Limits

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    A kick to the face should numb the pain.

    Image via cavemancircus.com

11. Any Given Sunday with Cris Collinsworth

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    If you're a football fan, then this is surely the most painful aspect of any NFL game.

    Image via mercurikwstanhope.blogspot.com

10. Iron Mike Bends the Rules

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    The beginning of a decline for Mike Tyson.

    Image via reviewjournal.com

9. The Crying Game

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    It's pretty obvious this was on purpose.

    Image via youtubefunnycomedy.blogspot.com

8. One with the Ball

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    The unseen pleasantries of soccer.

    Image via footballclubtodays.com

7. Ball Four

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    Juuuuuuussssstt a tad inside.

    Image via picturesdepot.com

6. The Missing Piece

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    Biting your nails can sometimes lead to this.

    Image via mysportsphysio.com

5. Turning Back Time

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    Ricky Hatton would soon get a taste of his own medicine against Manny Pacquiao.

    Image via telegraph.co.uk

4. Disastrous Cycle

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    That's how we New Yorkers react every time the Knicks are blowing games.

    Image via cavemancircus.com

3. Training Day

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    Those ripples are there for good.

    Image via boston.com

2. Framed Success

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    We're assuming this man simultaneously took the picture and punched his opponent. What a view.

    Image via imprezzme.blogspot.com

1. Jacked Up

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    At least it's not Ray Lewis.

    Image via valse-boston.livejournal.com


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